Is Henry Cavill Gay?

Ever since Superman and The Tudor’s became popular, Henry Cavill has been hot stuff to both men and women across the globe. He has legions of fans who’d love nothing more than to spend a night with him.

At, we aim to answer one simple question in this post: is Henry Cavill gay? You’ll know the answer by the time you’re done reading.

Rumors About Henry Cavill’s Sexuality

As with all handsome male celebs, the rumor mill eventually gets started and speculates on their sexuality. There have been persistent rumors about Cavill’s sexuality since day one.

While he has never addressed these rumors directly, Cavill has hinted that he’s straight. He has talked openly that he was insecure around women because he didn’t like how he looked and thought he was fat. He talked about how he’d use this as motivation and that if he “wanted to meet a bird at the bar” he’d have to get in shape.

Obviously, this suggests he’s interested in women. At no point has he ever suggested or hinted that he’s into guys. The same rumors started about Ryan Reynolds for similar reasons – he’s good looking, in great shape, and there’s a lot of wishful thinking going on.

Is Henry Cavill Bisexual?

Anyone technically could be bisexual, but there’s no particular reason to believe Henry Cavill is. We’ll look at his relationship history next. As you’ll see, it suggests he is straight and nothing else. Like fellow English movie star Robert Pattinson, it seems that when the gay rumors fall flat, the bisexual rumors are the next best thing.

Henry Cavill Dating History

Cavill’s dating history is relatively simple and straightforward compared to many other movie stars. He’s dated Alexandra Daddario, Marika Dominczyk, Gina Carano, Kaley Cuoco, Marisa Gonzalo, Tara King, Lucky Cork, Ellen Whitaker, and Natalie Viscuso.

So, Is Henry Cavill Gay?

There’s no truth to the rumors that Henry Cavill is gay as far as we can see. All of the evidence points to him being straight. We always stick to the facts on this site and never conclude anything based on speculation and rumors. Until the evidence changes, we’re saying that Henry Cavill is straight.


Is Demi Lovato Gay?

There are some celebs who we cover on this site who have what we call a ‘complex’ sexuality. What does that mean? It means it isn’t as cut and dry as gay/straight. Demi Lovato is one of them.

Is Demi Lovato gay? Sometimes. What the heck does that mean? Read on to find out.

Demi Lovato Identifies as Pansexual

There are a few celebs we’ve covered on this site that identify as ‘pansexual.’ English model Cara Delevigne is one of them. To be honest, we weren’t entirely familiar with the term when we first heard of it, but we have a better understanding of it now.

Pansexuality is when someone’s sexuality is broad and fluid. The literal dictionary definition is ‘not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.’ In other words, pansexuals like a bit of everything.

Demi Lovato came out as pansexual during an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan in 2021. She said her sexuality is fluid, and she also said she was “too gay to marry a man right now” in related interviews.

Like all gender identities, sexualities, and related concepts, it will probably take the public a while to wrap their heads around concepts like pensexuality. With leading celebs like Lovato championing the cause, people will hopefully come to understand it sooner rather than later.

Is Demi Lovato Bisexual?

You could say that, although she prefers the term pansexual. Lovato has called herself gay in some interviews, although pansexual means she isn’t limited by biological sex, gender identity, or any other factor. We think this qualifies as more than bisexual even if she might disagree with that label.

Demi Lovato Dating History

Lovato has publicly dated both men and women. She’s been in relationships with Jonathan Fryer, Cody Linley, Alex DeLeon, Trace Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama, Jai Manselle, Ruby Rose, Luke Rockhold, Kehlani, Henry Alexander Levy, Austin Wilson, Max Ehrich, and Jutes.

So, is Demi Lovato Gay?

It’s a bit more complicated than that. Lovato has a fluid sexuality which means she is gay sometimes, straight sometimes, and bisexual sometimes, or all of these at once. Yup, that’s what she says, and since it’s her sexuality we’re talking about, we think she’d know best.


Is Robert Pattinson Gay?

Ever since the Twilight series took the world by storm, there have been questions and rumors about Robert Pattinon’s sexuality. Both men and women across the world hope he is or isn’t gay (depending on their own persuasion). Today, we’re going to find out what the evidence suggests.

Is Robert Pattinson gay or is he 100% straight? Let’s find out in this post for

A False Gay Comeout Rumour

It’s absolutely not cool to say people have come out as gay when they have not. Yet, this happened to both Pattinson himself and his Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner. Both have been victims of magazines saying they had come out when this is blatantly false.

In 2016, two fake news websites posted that Pattinson had come out as gay. Eventually, Pink News corrected the record, but the rumor had already started spreading. As the old saying goes, a lie travels around the world before the truth even gets started.

Pattinson himself has confirmed that he is not gay and the comeout was a hoax. In the world of online pay-per-click advertising, people really will do anything at all for clicks.

Is Robert Pattinson Bisexual?

Look at our posts on Bond actor Daniel Craig or Jared Leto and you’ll soon begin to notice a pattern: when gay rumors fall flat, bisexual rumors begin. It seems that once a celeb’s sexuality comes into question, nobody can let it go.

There’s no evidence to suggest that Robert Pattinson is bisexual. As the next section will show, he has only ever dated women publicly and he has never even hinted that he swings both ways.

Robert Pattinson Dating History

Pattinson’s relationship history consists of lots of beautiful women. They include Nina Schubert, Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Dylan Penn, Nettie Wakefield, Mia Wasikowska, Suki Waterhouse, and a brief engagement to FKA Twigs. There’s nothing to suggest he’s gay or bisexual here.

So, is Robert Pattinson Gay?

No, he’s not. As far as everything we have seen goes, Robert Pattinson is straight. Yes, he was the victim of a hoax that said he came out as gay, but there was nothing to it other than a couple of fake news sites trying to generate clicks. Robert Pattinson is straight.


Is Jared Leto Gay?

Jared Leto is without a doubt one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His piercing blue eyes have both men and women across the globe skipping a heartbeat when they see him on the silver screen.

But is Jared Leto gay or is he 100% straight? We’ll discover what the known facts tell us in this post.

Playing the Gay Role Always Brings Rumors

Jared Leto has never shied away from any role, and he has played gay men in his movies more than once. For example, he played Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and he’s set to play Andy Warhol in an upcoming movie.

When actors play gay roles, there’s always a flurry of speculation about their sexuality. Take a look at our post on British comedian and actor James Corden for another example. He was at the center of rumors about his sexuality for playing a gay man on the silver screen.

During an interview once, Leto said he is “gay as a goose.” However, it’s not the first time an A-List celeb has made statements such as this without actually meaning it. Rap superstar Tyler, the Creator has made similar statements, leaving reporters bemused as to their true sexuality.

Is Jared Leto Bisexual?

It’s always possible, but we have no reason to actually go a step further and say Leto is bisexual. As we’ll cover in the next section, he’s only ever been seen publicly with beautiful women.

Yes, we’re fully aware that doesn’t confirm anything, and plenty of bisexual celebs choose to keep it private. That said, before we actually say someone is bisexual, we need evidence to base it on. Apart from a few off-the-cuff comments, there’s nothing as far as Leto is concerned. He’s a bit like James Franco in this regard – there’s lots of rumors, a few suggestive comments, but nothing concrete to go on.

Jared Leto Dating History

One way to figure out a celeb’s sexuality is to look at their public dating life. Leto has dated Kristi McDaniel, Scarlett Johansen, Valery Kaufman, and Cameron Diaz, who he was engaged to briefly. None of these would suggest he’s anything other than straight.

So, what’s Jared Leto’s sexuality?

No, not as far as we can tell from the publicly available evidence. Leto is one of those guys who isn’t afraid to say controversial things and isn’t afraid to play gay, bisexual, or trans roles, leading many to gossip and speculate about his sexuality. However, when push comes to shove, there’s nothing to suggest he really is.


Is Ryan Reynolds Gay?

There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is a heartthrob, and being absolutely hilarious certainly helps his cause when it comes to sex appeal.

But is Ryan Reynolds gay or is he straight? We decided to find out in this post.

No Confirmation or Denial

Like many handsome, funny actors, there have been persistent rumors about Ryan Reynolds’ sexuality since early in his career. This has also happened to John Travolta – it seems to be par for the course when you get famous and are good looking. As in many cases, much of this is wishful thinking, but we always want to be sure when we do our investigations, so we looked into it in greater detail.

It turns out that Reynolds has made no public comments whatsoever regarding his sexuality. He has never specifically confirmed or denied anything about his sexuality, preferring to let his actions to the talking instead.

Is Ryan Reynolds Bisexual?

As we’ve said repeatedly on this website, when the gay rumors about certain celebs amount to nothing, they’re almost always followed by rumors about them being bisexual.

There’s nothing whatsoever to suggest Ryan Reynolds is bisexual. As you’ll see when we look at his dating history next, he’s only ever been publicly associated with beautiful women.

We understand that doesn’t rule out him being bisexual, but we need evidence that he actually is before we say it. There’s none. Like other funny guys such as Trevor Noah, there’s a lot of wishing he was going on here.

Ryan Reynolds Dating History

Reynolds is a true Hollywood heartthrob, and despite probably being able to date anyone he chooses, he’s had a pretty tame dating life with several serious, long-term relationships dominating the landscape.

Reynolds has dated Sandra Bullock, Rachael Leigh Cook, Kristen Johnston, and Traylor Howard. He was previously engaged to Alanis Morisette, was married to Scarlett Johansen, and is currently married to Blake Lively.

So, is Ryan Reynolds Gay?

Nah, we don’t think there’s any legs to this rumor whatsoever. There are always gay rumors about A-list Hollywood hunks (see Tom Cruise for another example), but when we dug deep on Reynolds, we couldn’t find anything to suggest he’s anything other than a straight man. Take it or leave it – but that’s what the facts suggest.