Is Sam Milby Gay?

Sam Milby is a man of many talents – acting, singing, playing guitar, and being a successful businessman are just some of the things the Filipino American star can do.

But is Sam Milby gay? That rumor got started a few years back and has stuck around for a while. We’re going to dig into it and find out in this post.

Sam Milby accepted a gay role

As soon as an actor or actress plays a gay role on TV or in the movies, it’s almost inevitable that the internet will light up with queries about weather or not they themselves are gay.

This has happened to Luke MacFarlane, who did turn out to be gay, but it has also happened to British funnyman James Corden, Jared Leto, and lots of others.

Milby played a gay character in ‘The Third Party.’ In an interview about the role, he said “I’m comfortable with my sexuality” and said he wanted to challenge himself as an actor.

Ever since then, Milby has been the subject of gay rumors, but he says he isn’t, and his dating history, which we’ll explore in a later section of this post, suggests he’s telling the truth.

Sam Milby dating history

Milby has dated lots of beautiful women in his life so far. His hookups and relationships include Marie Digby, Shaina Magdayao, Ariella Airda, Jessy Mendiola, Bangs Garcia, Anne Curtis, Piolo Pascual, Kim Chiu, Mari Jasmine, and Catriona Gray.

So, is Sam Milby gay? Is he bisexual?

There’s no reason whatsoever to believe Milby is either gay or bisexual. He played a gay character once, and that’s about it. Everything about his public statements and his relationship history shows very clearly that he’s straight.


Is Shia LaBeouf Gay?

Is Shia LeBeouf gay? Lots of people want to know if the Hollywood hunk is into guys or if he swings both ways. We know because we researched the volume of people searching for this information online, and it’s a lot!

So, is he straight, bi, gay, or pansexual? We’ll look into it in our latest post.

Shia LeBeouf wrestled Tom Hardy naked

When he was interviewed on ‘Hot One,’ LeBeouf recalled how he had wrestled Tom Hardy many times on the set of Lawless in 2012. He said Hardy was a “big f*cking guy,” and recalls how Hardy rushed into his room when he was naked, picked him up, and began wrestling him.

LeBeouf said he was upset about this because Hardy got the better of him and he was left defeated and naked. However, he recalls the memory with fondness, laughing about how terrified his girlfriend at the time was during the whole escapade.

Shia LeBeouf used derogatory gay slurs in a YT video

LaBeouf had to make a public apology after a YoutTube video surfaced of him hurling gay slurs at someone. He said he was “very embarrassed” by his actions and apologized for it.

LaBeouf wouldn’t be the first celeb to do this. Not long ago, rapper Travis Scott was filmed calling someone a “f*ggot” at an event in Texas. He subsequently apologized, too, and said he was not a homophobe.

Is Shia LaBeouf bisexual?

There’s nothing at all to suggest LeBeouf is bisexual. This rumor got started after he said he had wrestled Tom Hardy in the nude, but it’s just internet gossip. As his dating history will reveal, LeBeouf is only into women.

Shia LeBeouf dating history

Is Shia LeBeouf gay? Megan Fox knows better!

LeBeouf has had quite a few encounters and relationships over the years. He’s known to have hooked up with Megan Fox, Isabel Lucas, Kiley Williams, and Rihanna.

His more serious public relationships include Sia, Hilary Duff, China Brezner, Carey Mulligan, Kiely Williams, Karolyn Pho, Sasha Lane, FKA Twigs, Margaret Qualley, and Mia Goth.

So, is Shia LeBeouf gay?

It’s pretty clear that Shia LeBeouf is straight. He has never made any comments incidicating he is gay, has publicly denied it, and has only ever dated and hooked up with beautiful women. There’s zero evidence he’s gay, and until there is, that’s our verdict.


Is Tyler Hoechlin gay?

There have been questions about Tyler Hoechlins’ sexuality ever since he starred in Road to Perdition back in the day, and they only grew louder when he starred in 7th Heaven. After the Fifty Shades movies, his sex appeal exploded across the world, leading to lots of questions about his sexuality.

Is Tyler Hoechlin gay or is he straight? We’re going to find out in this investigation.

Good looking guy syndrome

We wrote about this before with Ryan Seacrest and Robert Pattinson. There’s a certain amount of wishful thinking going on when it comes to celebrity gay rumors, especially when the guys concerned are hunky.

When Tyler Hoechlin poses in a pair of speedos for a calendar, men around the world hope he’s gay, and so they start to say he is. However, there’s no actual evidence of that when you dig into it.

We looked at his relationship history, the gay rumors, and much more, and we could find nothing substantial at all to prove Hoechlin is gay.

Is Tyler Hoechlin bisexual?

Does Hoechlin swing both ways? That’s the rumor, but when you look closer for evidence, you’ll find none. Often when the notion a certain hunky celeb is gay fall flat, the bisexual rumors begin right away.

Tyler Hoechlin dating history

Is Tyler Hoechlin gay? His dating life would suggest otherwise!

We can learn a lot about a celebs’ sexuality by who they have dated. Let’s take a look at Tyler Hoechlin’s relationship history.

Hoechlin has dated Ashlee Simpson, Candice King, Mackenzie Rosman, Rachele Brooke Smith, Katie Cassidy, Brittany Snow, Jill Wagner, Alena Gerber, and Renee Murden. These are all beautiful women, suggesting Tyler Hoechlin is straight.

So, is Tyler Hoechlin gay?

No, we found nothing at all to suggest he is. As is often the case, the gay rumors come down to wishful thinking and gossip. Everything about Tyler Hoechlin suggests he is a straight man who loves beautiful women.

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Is Machine Gun Kelly gay?

Machine Gun Kelly aka Colson Baker is at the peak of his fame right now. The rapper, rock star, and actor is hot property in Hollywood, and lots of lads and ladies think he’s hot stuff.

Is Machine Gun Kelly gay or straight? Does he swing both ways? We’re going to answer that in our latest post.

Machine Gun Kelly speaks out against homophobia

Machine Gun Kelly is an ally of LGBTQ+ people. He spoke out against “idiot homophobes” who sprayed homophobic graffiti on his tour bus.

Not only did the vandals spray unacceptable slurs on the bus, but they got the wrong bus, giving Kelly lots of laughs. He took to Instagram to mock them and to express his disgust at homophobia in general.

Why is Machine Gun Kelly supportive of LGBTQ+ causes when so many rappers are the opposite? His fiance, Megan Fox, is openly bisexual, for a start.

When stars come out in support of LGBTQ+ causes, there’s always some speculation about their own sexuality. This has happened countless times and we’ve written lots of posts about celebs’ who faced the same thing – look at Russell Brand for example. However, supporting a community does not mean you are part of it.

Did you know: Machine Gun Kelly has a massive beef with Eminem going back years. He blasted the Detroit rapper for using gay dating app Grindr and the racy photo he used.

Is Machine Gun Kelly bisexual?

There’s no proof at all that Machine Gun Kelly is bisexual. Some people have looked at some of his lyrics and concluded that he must swing both ways, but that’s weak evidence at best. Kelly has only dated beautiful women. As you’ll see next, and so there’s no reason to think he’s bisexual.

Machine Gun Kelly dating history

Is Machine Gun Kelly gay? No, we don't think so.

You can tell a lot about a celebs’ sexuality by who they have dated. Let’s take a look at Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship history.

Kelly has dated Halsey, Rachel Starr, Emma Cannon, Amber Rose, Chantel Jeffries, and Megan Fox, to whom he is engaged.

Is Machine Gun Kelly gay or straight?

Everything available in the public domain suggests Machine Gun Kelly aka Colson Baker is straight. He is an LGBTQ+ ally, and that always gets celebs, particularly rappers, branded as gay themselves. However, when you drill down and look at the evidence, it’s clear that Baker is straight.


Is Megan Fox a lesbian? Is she gay?

Megan Fox is hot stuff, there’s no doubt about it! As well as all the lads who fantasize about spending a night with her, there are legions of ladies who’d love to do the same.

Is Megan Fox a lesbian? Is she gay or straight? We’re going to answer that in this investigation.

Megan Fox said she’s seeking a girlfriend

Fox took to her Instagram in early 2023 and said she was seeking a girlfriend, soliciting CVs. This set the internet ablaze with excitement. One woman even wrote “I’m married, but it’s not that serious,” in the comments. We can only imagine what her DMs look like and the work involved for her social media managers.

It’s awesome that one of Hollywood’s hottest women is out as a bisexual and proud of it. It’s a great example for people of all ages who are struggling with their sexuality or who are in the closet. We need more examples like this.

Fox is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. She often posts photos with her nails painted in rainbow colors, celebrating her bisexuality, and speaking out for LGBTQ+ rights.

Is Megan Fox bisexual?

Yes, Megan Fox confirmed she is bisexual back in 2009. She hasn’t publicly dated any women (as you’ll see in the next section), but she has openly stated she’s interested in both men and women. Perhaps she should meet up with Demi Lovato?

Megan Fox dating history

Is Megan Fox a lesbian? Is she gay? No, she's bisexual.

Megan Fox has been in several long-term relationships with men. Despite being bisexual, she has never publicly dated a woman.

Fox has dated Shia LaBeouf, Ben Leahy, David Gallagher, Brian Austin Green, and Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly, to whom she is engaged.

So, is Megan Fox a lesbian?

Megan Fox is openly bisexual. She is engaged to a guy, but she has stated since 2009 that she’s sexually attracted to both men and women. So, that doesn’t mean she is gay, per se, but it does mean she swings both ways.


Is Ashton Kutcher gay?

Ashton Kutcher is one of Hollywood’s hottest men. Both women and men across the world swoon for him, and there’s huge interest in his sexuality.

Is Ashton Kutcher gay or is he straight? We’re going to look into all of the evidence in this post.

Kutcher says “kiss a dude to find out if you’re gay or not”

Ashton Kutcher has encouraged men to explore their sexuality.

He appeared on Conan to discuss a controversial fake gay marriage plotline on Two and a Half Men. During the final season, two characters enter into a fake gay marriage to speed up an adoption.

During the interview, Kutcher encouraged men to explore their sexuality by kissing a dude to find out if they’re gay. He explained that this was his second gay kiss on screen. His first was in the infamous ‘Dude Where’s My Car?’

After doing hundreds of posts on the sexuality of celebs, we can tell you for a fact that as soon as someone either plays a gay character or has a gay kiss on screen, the rumors will start flying. However, it means nothing at all. Lots of them, like Hollywood heartthrob Jared Leto, are perfectly straight.

Is Ashton Kutcher bisexual?

The rumors that Kutcher may swing both ways despite his high-profile heterosexual relationships stem from his multiple on-screen kisses with men. However, he has said the stubble was a little weird, and there was nothing whatsoever there. In short, he had no feelings for the men he kissed. That doesn’t sound like a bisexual man to us.

Ashton Kutcher dating history

Is Ashton Kutcher gay? We highly doubt that based on his relationship history.

Kutcher has been in more than a dozen relationships with beautiful women. His romantic links include Monet Mazur, Gina Zimmerman, January Jones, Ashley Ellerin, Ashley Scott, Brittany Murphy, Demi Moore, and Mila Kunis.

So, is Ashton Kutcher gay?

It certainly doesn’t look like it. Kutcher has denied feeling anything after his on-screen kisses with men, has dated some of the world’s most beautiful women, and has two children. We’re going to conclude that he’s straight until there’s some actual evidence to the contrary.


Is Woody Harrelson Gay?

Based on the searches related to ‘Is Woody Harrelson gay?’ we picked up that there’s a lot of interest in this Hollywood superstars’ sexuality.

There have been rumors about Harrelson’s sexuality since as far back as anyone on the editorial team can remember. We’re going to find out if there’s any truth to them today.

Another celeb who played a gay man accused of being gay

We’re beginning to lose count of the number of times celebs who have played gay characters have been subsequently branded as gay themselves. Look at our posts on Jared Leto or James Corden for other examples of that.

Harrelson played a gay character. In ‘The Walker’ (2007) he played a gay man, and since it was the main character, this got a lot of attention, causing lots of people to wonder if Harrelson was gay himself.

As we always say, never assume an actor is gay because they play gay roles. While some in the LGBTQ+ community have questioned whether it’s ethical for straight actors to play gay characters, we’re not going to comment on that. Our job is simply to find out whether celebs’ are gay or not.

Is Woody Harrelson bisexual?

Every Single Time a celeb is verified as ‘not gay’ the rumors begin that they’re probably bisexual. This stems from people being able to accept they are or have been wrong. As you’ll see next, there’s nothing in Woody Harrelson’s life to suggest he swings both ways.

Woody Harrelson dating history

Is Woody Harrelson gay? His wife would probably say otherwise!

Harrelson has been in several long-term relationships with beautiful women. His romantic links include Brooke Shields, Moon Unit Zappa, Penelope Ann Miller, Carol Kane, Ally Sheedy, Glenn Close, Nancy Simon, and his wife Laura Louie who he has been married to since 2008. 

So, is Woody Harrelson gay?

No, he’s not gay, or at least there’s zero actual evidence to suggest he is. Harrelson has been happily married since 2008, has three children, and has only ever been linked to women romantically. The gay rumors are just that – rumors, and there’s no truth to them once you look closer. Woody Harrelson is straight as far as we’re concerned.


Is Tommy Lee Jones Gay?

Tommy Lee Jones is what they call an ‘older gentleman’ these days, but throughout his career, he’s had legions of both male and female fans who, well, fancied the pants off him, to put it bluntly.

Is Tommy Lee Jones gay or is it just a rumor? We’re going to find out in this post.

Tommy Lee Jones denied being gay

The rumor’s about Tommy Lee Jones’ sexuality grew so loud that, at one point, he had to address them directly. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he confirmed that he is straight, or rather denied being gay.

As with many single male celebs, the rumors begin and then grow louder as the years roll by. TLJ told Entertainment Weekly “I’ve never been married. I never will be. I don’t know if I ever will be.” That later changed when he joined with Dawn Jones in 2001.

However, despite remaining a bachelor for much of his life, he has maintained that he’s straight. After looking at his dating history, which we’ll cover in a later section, you’ll probably agree that he isn’t lying.

Does Tommy Lee Jones support gay rights?

Jones has said that many fights for equality remain, including gay rights, healthcare, and others. This tells us that he’s an ally. That’s a great thing!

It’s also worth mentioning that Jones once played a gay character in the JFK movie from 1991 (Clay Shaw). Shaw is the only person who was ever tried for involvement in JFK’s association in what many have called ‘Guilt by Orientation.’

Many cleebs who have played gay characters end up getting branded gay themselves (just ask James Corden), but it doesn’t mean they actually are.

Is Tommy Lee Jones bisexual?

This question always comes up after it’s basically verified that a celeb isn’t gay. We’re going to do what we always do and follow the verifiable evidence. Unlike his Men in Black co-star Will Smith, there’s nothing whatsoever to suggest Jones is bisexual. He’s only ever been linked to or expressed interest in women.

Tommy Lee Jones relationship history

Is Tommy Lee Jones gay? Apparently not - this is his wife!

Jones keeps his relationships private, and unlike many other Hollywood actors, he doesn’t have a checkered or particularly noteworthy dating life.

Jones has been in relationships with Lisa Taylor, Kate Lardner, Kimberlea Cloguhley, and Dawn Jones, whom he married.

So, is Tommy Lee Jones gay?

No, there’s nothing at all to suggest Tommy Lee Jones is anything other than a straight man. He keeps it low key and lives as a happily married man. Everything about him from his public statements to his previous relationships suggest he is straight.

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Is Jonah Hill Gay?

They say nothing makes a person more attractive than being funny, and Jonah Hill is undoubtedly hilarious. Legions of men and women across the world would love nothing more than some alone time with the Hollywood funnyman. But which of them would he choose?

Is Jonah Hill gay? Is he straight? What’s his relationship history? We cover all of that and more in this CelebSexuality post.

Jonah Hill is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights

If we had a dollar for every time a celebrity supporter of LGBTQ+ rights was branded gay themselves because of their vocal support for marriage equality, trans rights, and so on, we’d be very rich indeed.

Time and time again, when a celeb steps up to the plate and does the right thing, giving vocal support for gay rights, the internet rumor mill begins speculating on whether they might be queer themselves.

Jonah Hill has been an outspoken ally over the years, speaking up in favor of marriage equality and more.

He did get into hot water with the LGBTQ+ community when he called a paparazzi photographer a f***ot, but he quickly apologized for it, and all was forgiven. Anyone can make a slip up and say something without much thought, and the scandal has been largely forgiven and forgotten.

Jonah Hill is still very much seen as an ally by the LGBTQ+ community, and we thank him for that.

Is Jonah Hill bisexual?

One way to determine a celebrity’s sexuality is to look at their dating history. We’ll look at Jonah Hill’s next. As you’ll soon see, there’s no reason to believe he’s gay, bisexual, or anything other than straight. When the rumors that a celeb is gay start to falter, saying they’re bisexual is almost always the next thing that occurs. The same happened with A-lister Jared Leto and countless others.

Jonah Hill dating history

Is Jonah Hill gay? His dating history doesn't suggest so.

Jonah Hill has only ever publicly dated beautiful women. Also, like other funny guys such as Joe Rogan, Hill has a relatively uncomplicated dating life.

They include Jordan Klein, Ali Hoffman, Isabelle McNally, Brooke Glazer, Erin Galpern, and Gina Santos, and Sarah Brady.

So, is Jonah Hill gay?

No, he clearly isn’t. He’s an outspoken ally and continues to be so. However, Jonah Hill is straight, and there’s no evidence to suggest anything else.


Is Jennifer Lawrence Gay?

Jennifer Lawrence is seriously hot stuff, and we don’t just mean her acting career. All over the world, she has legions of male and female fans who’d give anything to spend some alone time with her.

At, we address rumors as to whether celebs are gay, straight, bisexual, or anywhere else on the sexuality spectrum. So, is Jennifer Lawrence gay? Is she a lesbian? Let’s see what the evidence says.

Jennifer Lawrence is an LGBTQ+ ally

Like many allies (see Ariana Grande), Jennifer Lawrence is often thought of as being gay because she is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. However, as we’ve said countless times on this site, supporting the community does not make a person part of it.

However, she did once get into a spot of bother for saying she likes to dress “slutty power lesbian.” It caused a bit of a backlash, but it was quickly forgiven as an off-the-cuff comment that meant no offense.

Lawrence played a lesbian role in Causeway

Another factor that causes many celebs to be mistaken as gay or lesbian is when they play roles as characters who are on TV. This has happened to Jared Leto, for example.

Lawrence once played Lynsey, a lesbian soldier with a brain injury from Afghanistan, in Causeway. Once again, we’d like to reiterate that playing LGBTQ+ characters in movies or on TV shows does not mean a person is so themselves.

Is Jennifer Lawrence bisexual?

There’s no evidence to support the idea that Jennifer Lawrence is bisexual. She’s soft-spoken and her gentle demeanor seems to throw people off and cause them to question her sexuality, but as far as her dating history goes, she’s not interested in women romantically.

Jennifer Lawrence dating history

Is Jennifer Lawrence gay? We don't think so.

Jennifer Lawrence has only ever been linked to men romantically. She dates Coldplay singer Chris Martin and has been involved with Harvey Weinstein, Nicholas Hoult, and  Darren Aronofsky. She married Cooke Maroney in 2019.

Here are some more details on her most serious relationships:

  1. Nicholas Hoult: Lawrence started dating British actor Nicholas Hoult in 2010 after they met on the set of the movie “X-Men: First Class”. They broke up in 2014 but remained friends and later worked together again in the “X-Men” franchise.
  2. Chris Martin: In 2014, she was linked to British musician Chris Martin, who is best known as the lead singer of the band Coldplay. They were seen together at several events, but they never confirmed their relationship.
  3. Darren Aronofsky: The Hollywood bombshell started dating American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky in 2016 after they worked together on the movie “Mother!”. They were together for about a year but broke up in 2017.
  4. Cooke Maroney:Lawrence started dating American art gallery director Cooke Maroney in 2018. They got engaged in February 2019 and got married in October of the same year. They have since been together and often appear together in public events.

Is Jennifer Lawrence gay or not?

It’s clear that she’s not gay. She’s married to a man, has only ever publicly dated men, and there’s no reason whatsoever to think she’s a lesbian. Our conclusion is that she’s straight, and until there’s evidence to the contrary, we’re sticking with it.