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Is Andrew Tate Gay?

‘Top G’ Andrew Tate has taken the internet by storm in recent years. His flamboyant, arrogant style and colorful dress code, and his advice to men, have made him infamous.

But is Andrew Tate gay? That’s what we’re interested in here at Let’s find out what way the Top G swings.

A history of homophobic comments

Tate has a long history of making controversial remarks, so it’s probably no surprise that he has used ‘gay’ as a slur multiple times and has also disparaged trans people.

Tate has said, among other things.

  1. “Bodybuilders are gay.”
  2. “The gays and women have taken over.”
  3. “Basketball is gay.”

And lots of other comments on social media in which he used ‘gay’ as some sort of derogatory term denoting weakness or degeneracy.

Like everyone else, Tate is entitled to his opinion and has freedom of speech. Comedians like Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle have landed in hot water due to similar comments. However, it’s clear from what he has chosen to say that he doesn’t view homosexuality in a positive light.

That said, Harley Morenstein has said he thinks Tate is a suppressed homosexual. There’s no evidence to back that up, though.

Is Andrew Tate bisexual?

Tate has never been publicly linked to another man in any way other than either by fighting them or talking to them on various podcasts. He keeps a tight-knit crew of his boys, but there’s no evidence he is or has ever been romantically involved with any of them.

Andrew Tate dating history

The self-proclaimed Top G says he has a harem of long-term women (or he has said this at one point in time, at least). We don’t know who these women are, but we can see who he’s been linked to previously. Tate has dated Naghel Georgiana Manuela. There’s no real public information about any of his other love interests past or present.

So, is Andrew Tate gay?

We’re going to say no. Many people speculate that he is because of his incessant need to brag about how many women he has and his conquests, but that’s more likely down to immaturity and a need for validation than any suppressed homosexuality. We always like to base our posts on evidence, and there’s none that Tate likes men. As far as we can tell, Tate is straight.

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Is Elon Musk Gay?

Elon Musk has exploded into the public consciousness in the past decade, briefly becoming the richest man in the world in 2021. He’s also renowned for having lots of kids and claiming the earth is underpopulated.

Is Elon Musk gay? It’s not likely, but we’ll look at the evidence available in the public domain to see what we can find out.

Musk’s many children

It’s difficult to imagine a gay man having so many children by so many different women. Musk seems to be on some sort of mission to repopulate the world given his repeated claims that it’s underpopulated.

All in all, Musk has 10 children. His first baby daughter, Nevada Musk, died of Infant Sudden Death Syndrome at 10 weeks old. He then went on to have nine more, including Griffin, Vivian, Kai, Saxon, Damian, X AE A-XII, Exa Dark, and twins that have yet to be publicly named. Several mothers were involved here, and several of Musks’ partners have undergone IVF, so the decision to have this many kids was deliberate.

We find it decidedly unlikely that, if Musk was gay, he’d sire this many children by so many women.

Elon Musk has a trans daughter

Musk has never really spoken openly about LGBTQ+ issues other than to say everyone should be respected. However, he does have a trans daughter who has decided to sever ties with him completely.

Musk has mocked pronouns at one point, drawing public criticism, but has then turned around and supported gender neutrality with the kids he has with Grimes. It appears his comments are mostly the public trolling he is infamous for, and when push comes to shove, he’ll support progressive ideas.

Is Elon Musk bisexual?

Rumors about wealthy and powerful men being bisexual always seem to start somewhere on the internet. Just look at the rumors about Apple boss Steve Jobs or Microsoft’s Bill Gates for further examples. Yet, there’s not a lot to back these rumors up. It’s all just conjecture and speculation, and when push comes to shove, there’s no evidence at all that Musk is bisexual or interested in men in any way, shape, or form.

Elon Musk dating history

Musk has only ever dated women. He’s been involved with Shivon Zillis, Cameron Diaz, Amber Heard, Grimes, Nicole Shanahan, and Natasha Bassett. He was previously married to Justine Musk and Talulah Riley. 

So, is Elon Musk gay?

No, there’s absolutely nothing to back up the idea that Elon Musk is gay or bisexual. In fact, all of the evidence points to the opposite: he’s a straight man with a penchant for beautiful women and procreation. 

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Is Tim Cook Gay?

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, and was personally appointed by Steve Jobs before he passed away. But is Tim Cook gay? That’s what we’re interested in here at, and in this case, the answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s look at when Tim Cook came out of the closet and his history as a gay man.

When did Tim Cook come out as gay?

Cook came out as gay in 2014, three years after he was appointed CEO of Apple by the late Steve Jobs. He was the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come out, making history.

Cook described being gay as “God’s greatest gift to me” and said he’s very proud of it. He told CNN he came out because he started to get letters from kids who were being bullied, ostracized, and taunted for being gay. He wanted them to know that it’s okay to be what you are, and by coming out, he wanted to lead by example and show the world there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Did Steve Jobs know Tim Cook was gay?

Ultimately, nobody really knows the answer to that question, but it’s highly likely that he did. To appoint someone CEO of the company you’ve spent a lifetime building, you need to know them well and trust them completely. While sexuality is a personal matter and doesn’t necessarily need to be disclosed, it’s difficult to imagine Jobs didn’t know after working closely with Cook for many years.

Is Tim Cook bisexual?

No, Tim Cook is a gay man and is not interested in women. He has never publicly dated a woman and isn’t interested in doing so. He came out as gay in 2014 and has never even hinted that he’s interested in women.

Tim Cook dating history

Tim Cook is single, and we have no idea whatsoever who he might have dated in the past. He’s a private person, having kept his sexuality under wraps for a long time, and there’s no public information available on who he has dated.

So, is Tim Cook gay?

Yes, for sure. He’s loud and proud, and he wants everyone to know it’s okay to be gay. Tim Cook is a gay icon, and he demonstrates that a person’s sexuality is no longer a barrier to achieving the absolute highest positions in America. That’s something everyone should be proud of.

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Was Steve Jobs Gay?

Steve Jobs is iconic for many different reasons, but one questions that seems to still burn in the mind’s of people even after he passed on is whether he was gay or straight.

Was Steve Jobs gay? We’re going to look at the evidence today.

Does the Apple logo celebrate homosexuality?

Was Steve Jobs gay? It's highly unlikely.

Many say that the apple with the bite out of it was Jobs paying homage to Alan Turing, the legendary British computer scientist who helped crack the enigma code and defeat the nazis. Turing was chemically castrated after the war after he was ‘caught’ having gay sex, and the process sent him into such a depression that he bit into a poison apple and died.

One of the reasons some people believe Steve Jobs was gay is the Apple logo itself. Have you ever thought about why Jobs picked an apple with a bite out of it and made it rainbow coloured? It’s something many people just accept at face value, but which when you think about, must have some sort of reason behind it.

Add this story to the fact the Apple logo was originally technicolor (just like the rainbow flag today) and you have some strong reasons to believe that Jobs was at the very least a strong supporter of gay rights.

Jobs came of age in the free-love ‘60s

Jobs came of age in the 1960s when many were experimenting with sexuality and free love.

However, there’s no hard evidence that he himself experimented with his sexuality. He infamously experimented with LSD, but that’s something totally different.

While Jobs was likely to be tolerant and highly supportive of all types of people regardless of sexuality, gender, etc, that doesn’t mean he himself embraced any of that.

Was Steve Jobs bisexual?

There’s no evidence to believe that Steve Jobs was bisexual. The business icon only ever dated women and was married to one for a long time. He never dated men as far as anyone is aware, and any rumors that he was bisexual are just that – rumors. Just as with his computer tycoon rival Bill Gates, the internet loves a good rumor, but there’s often nothing to back them up.

Steve Jobs dating history

As far as Jobs’ dating history goes, it was all with women. He dated Joan Baez, Diane Keaton, and Chrisann Brennan. He was married to Laurene Powell-Jobs until his death in 2011.

Here’s what’s known about the Apple mogul’s most prominent relationships:

  1. Chrisann Brennan: Jobs dated Chrisann Brennan during the early years of his career. They met in 1972 and had an on-and-off relationship for several years. Brennan gave birth to Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, in 1978.
  2. Laurene Powell Jobs: He met Laurene Powell, an investment banker, in 1989 when she was a guest speaker at an Apple event. They started dating soon after and got married in 1991. They had three children together: Reed, Erin, and Eve.

So, was Steve Jobs gay?

No, Steve Jobs was straight. He was supportive of LGBTQ+ rights and he appointed a gay man, Tim Cook, to take over Apple when he stepped away in 2011. However, there’s nothing to suggest that Jobs himself was gay or bisexual. As far as the evidence goes, he was straight.

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Is Bill Gates Gay?

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in human history, and he’s been firmly in the public eye since the late ‘80s. Ever since the ‘90s, there have been rumors about Gates’ sexuality.

Is Bill Gates gay? We’re going to dig into his history and see what the evidence says.

Bill Gates separates from his wife Melinda amidst affair rumors

In 2021, one of the biggest power couples in the world decided to go their separate ways after decades of marriage. Bill and Melinda were no more.

In the aftermath, rumors spread that Bill had endless numbers of affairs, with Melinda knowing and looking the other way. She also reportedly told friends part of the reason for their separation was his links to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

While it must be emphasized that there’s a whole lot if unverified rumor at play here, and we’re not saying any of it is true, it seems unlikely that Gates is gay based on his multi-decade marriage and his alleged penchant for beautiful women. If anything, he may be a bit of a playboy.

Gates dominated $500k in support of same-sex marriage

When you think of the word philanthropist, there’s a good chance you think of Bill Gates. There’s a reason for that; Gates has been shelling out vast amounts of cash to support causes he believes in for as long as anyone can remember.

Among many donations he has made is $500k USD in support of same-sex marriage in Washington State back in 2012.

As well as donations such as these, Gates has always spoken in favor of queer rights and same-sex marriage. Clearly, he’s an ally.

Is Bill Gates bisexual?

No, we don’t see any reason to believe he is. Gates has never been publicly linked to a man, nor has he ever expressed any desire to be so. His multi-decade long marriage and alleged affairs suggest he’s firmly interested in the opposite sex.

Bill Gates dating history

Like his fellow super-rich computer boss Steve Jobs, Gates’ dating history is remarkably ordinary. Aside from his ex-wife Melinda, who he was with between 1994 and 2021, Gates hasn’t been linked to any other women. His relationship history is both simple and strictly heterosexual. 

So, is Bill Gates gay?

We’re going to say firmly no on this one. There’s simply not a single shred of evidence to back up the idea that Gates is gay or even swings both ways. As far as we can tell, he’s a straight man and possibly a bit of a playboy, which, let’s be honest, most straight men would be if they had Gates’ resources.