Was Jeffrey Dahmer gay?

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been resurrected from the dead in the cultural consciousness thanks to an epic Netflix series covering his life and exploits.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer gay? Yes, he was, and we’re going to show you in this post exactly what he got up to.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay serial killer

There are lots of infamous serial killers, but only one of them is verifiably gay. He racked up a kill list of 17 victims, often finding them at gay bars and other hangouts before luring them back to his apartment, seducing them, abusing them, murdering them, and often even eating them.

To say that Dahmer was a sick puppy is an understatement. He was a true sadist who got sexual pleasure from inflicting horrible pain on his victims. He even lobotomized one of them with a drill to make him a compliant slave.

We’re not going to go into the gruesome details of what Dahmer did to his victims in this post, but let’s just say that it’s 100% confirmed he was gay. He struggled to accept it because of his conservative parents and became truly twisted as a result.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that gay people find acceptance in the modern world, and that’s part of why we created this site – to raise awareness of how many people are gay, make people who are struggling feel safe, and help find those struggling to come out to find role models in celeb’s who have done so.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer bisexual?

Possibly so. All of his victims were men, all of those he seduced were men, and he publicly said he was gay. However, we do know he had a sexual encounter with Bridget Geiger.

Jeffrey Dahmer dating history

Jeffrey Dahmer had encounters with Eric Tyson, Bridget Geiger, Steven Tuomi, James Doxtator, Richard Guerrero, Anthony Sears, Anthony Hughes, Oliver Lacy, and Jeremiah Weinberger.

So, is Jeffrey Dahmer gay?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer was very much gay. He had an encounter with at least one woman, but we don’t draw from that he was bisexual. Dahmer’s struggle to accept his sexuality is well known and his religious, conservative upbringing is at least partly responsible for how he turned out. This is a dark, twisted tale that acts as a warning for those who’d like to suppress and convert gay people. You could be creating the next Jeffrey Dahmer.