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Is Dwayne Johnson Gay?

There’s no doubt that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a handsome devil, and his muscular physique increases the pulses of both men and women across the globe.

However, we want to answer the question is Dwayne Johnson gay himself? Let’s dig into his history and see.

Dwayne Johson played a gay character

Johnson recalled how he was once told that playing a gay character would ruin his career. However, he laughed it off and took the role in ‘Be Cool’ anyway.

In it, Johnson played Eliot, an openly gay Samoan man and bodyguard. While fans thought it was comical seeing The Rock playing a gay man, some in the industry had serious concerns that it would ruin his burgeoning acting career.

Johnson wasn’t afraid, brushed aside the concerns, took the role, and went on to become one of Hollywood’s leading men. It just goes to show that sometimes the experts are stuck in their ways and new actors need to push the limits.

Interestingly, pro wrestler John Cena, another muscle-bound Alpha Male from WWE, played a bisexual character in a hit TV series. Maybe guys who are secure in their masculinity and sexuality have nothing to fear from these roles?

Is Dwayne Johnson bisexual?

This question gets asked a lot about men who some gay folk wish was gay, and who have also played gay characters in movies or TV series. For example, many people concluded that Luke Macfarlane was gay long before he came out based on his character in Brother’s and Sisters. It doesn’t always turn out this way, but sometimes it does.

However, we found no evidence whatsoever that Dwayne Johnson is bisexual. Yes, he may like to roll around a ring in speedos with other men, but as far as the evidence goes, it’s all in the name of sports entertainment.

Dwayne Johnson dating history

One massive clue as to whether a celeb is gay or not is their dating history. As far as The Rock’s goes, it’s beautiful women all the way up and down. 

However, Johnson’s dating history is surprisingly simple and uncomplicated. He’s dated Anabelle Acosta, was previously married to Dany Garcia, and is now married to Lauren Hashian.

So, is The Rock gay?

No, the Rock is straight. He’s dated only women, and while he’s not afraid to play gay characters in movies, he himself is not a gay man.

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Is John Cena Gay?

John Cena has entertained legions of WWE fans around the world, and both ladies and he makes the hearts of both men and women race a little faster.

But is John Cena gay? That’s what we’re going to explore in this article today.

John Cena supports gay WWE wrestlers

John Cena has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. He is on record as being extremely supportive of gay WEE wrestlers, encouraging LGBTQ+ people to take part in the sport and come out of the closet.

Outside of the ring, Cena has promoted LGBTQ+ characters in films. He is responsible for pushing the idea that his character James Gunn would be bisexual in the HBO Max series Peacemaker.

Cena clearly feels it’s important for LGBTQ+ folk to be represented in both sports and film. That makes him an ally.

Is John Cena bisexual?

After men play gay or bisexual characters on the big screen or TV, many people begin to wonder if they are gay. This also happened to Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane, who did turn out to be gay, but it has happened to straight stars like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, too.

We found absolutely no evidence to support the noting that John Cena is bisexual. It’s just the usual internet rumor mill kicking into action because he played a bi character in Peacemaker.

John Cena dating history

John Cena has never dated a man. He previously dated Kendra Lust, Lisa Marie Varon, Barbie Blank, AJ Mendez, and Nikki Bella. He was previously married to Liz and is now married to Shay Shariatzadeh.

Here are some more detail’s on Cena’s various relationships:

  1. Lisa Marie Varon (2002) – Cena was briefly linked to fellow wrestler Lisa Marie Varon in 2002.
  2. Elizabeth Huberdeau (2002-2012) – The wrestling legend got married to Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, after several years of dating. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2012.
  3. Nikki Bella (2012-2018) – Cena began dating fellow wrestler Nikki Bella in 2012. The couple got engaged in 2017 during WrestleMania 33, but their wedding was called off just a few weeks before it was scheduled to take place in 2018. The couple officially ended their relationship later that year.
  4. Shay Shariatzadeh (2019-present) – The WWE superstar began dating engineer Shay Shariatzadeh in 2019. The couple met while working on a film set in Vancouver. They got married in a private ceremony in 2020.

So, is John Cena gay?

No. John Cena is straight. He’s only ever dated women, and while he’s an LGBTQ+ ally and is open to playing gay or bisexual characters to make sure they’re represented, Cena himself is straight.

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Is Kevin Durant Gay?

Kevin Durant may be one of the top basketball players in the world, but we’re interested in the answer to one simple question: is Kevin Durant gay?

As you’ll soon see, the NBA star has a history of colourful comments and has been accused of being homophobic. Is Kevin Durant gay, or does he just not like gay people? Let’s find out.

Kevin Durant homophobic comments

Durant has come out in support of the LGBTQ+ community plenty, congratulating Jason Collins when he came out and expressing support for the NBA marching at a pride parade in NYC.

However, he lost a lot of credibility with allies when he publicly used homophobic slurs on Twitter when feuding with comedian Michael Rapaport. “All u do is suck c*ck,” Durant Tweeted to the comedian when the two were engaged in a back-and-forth exchange.

He quickly backtracked and apologized, saying that he and Rapaport were friends and privately used language like this in a joking manner all the time. He said that this sort of language wasn’t the sort of example he wanted to set, and that he was sorry.

Is Kevin Durant bisexual?

Kevin Durant has never dated a man publicly, nor has he ever expressed any interest in men. He’s been an open supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, but there’s no evidence that he himself swings both ways. On the weight of the evidence, we’ll say that Kevin Durant isn’t bisexual.

Kevin Durant dating history

Durant has a long and public history of dating various models, actresses, and others. He’s been linked to Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, Apryl Jones, Joie Chavis, Jasmine Shine, Monica Wright, LeToya Luckett, Teyana Taylor, Rachel DeMita, and Cassandra Anderson.

Here are some details on Durant’s most famous relationships:

  1. Monica Wright: Durant was engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright in 2013. They reportedly met in high school and had been friends for years before they started dating. However, their engagement ended later that year, and they never got married.
  2. Jasmine Shine: He was linked to model Jasmine Shine in the mid-2010s. They reportedly dated for a few months, but their relationship was never confirmed.
  3. Crystal Renee: The basketball legend was linked to model and Instagram personality Crystal Renee in the mid-2010s. They reportedly dated for a few months, but their relationship was never confirmed.

So, is Kevin Durant gay or not?

No, Durant is straight. He has a checkered history with the LGBTQ+ community, supporting it on the one hand while making homophobic comments on the other. As far as Durant’s dating history goes, it’s only reasonable to conclude that he’s straight.

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Is Tyson Fury Gay?

The Gypsy King has absolutely dominated men in the ring for the last half a decade, but does he like to dominate them elsewhere? Is Tyson Fury gay? We’ll delve into it and get a concrete answer in this post.

Tyson Fury made homophobic comments

Back in 2015, Tyson Fury kicked up a global sh*tstorm when he made homophobic comments along with a few misogynistic and offensive comments about religion just for good measure.

The heavyweight superstar said in an interview that “there are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion, and the other is pedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that the first two would be legalized?”

The backlash against these comments was massive. Fury was openly booed when he won 4th place for Sports Personality of the Year, and he was almost removed from being eligible to win it after 140,000 people signed a petition demanding he be removed from consideration.

Fury later apologized, saying that his comments were “tongue in cheek” and that he hadn’t meant to hurt anybody.

Later, when challenged openly in a pub about his views by gay man Paul Cole, Fury embraced him, kissed him on both cheeks, and denied he was a homophobe. The man went on to tell British tabloid The Sun that he’d changed his mind about Fury, and that he was a “big friendly giant.”

Is Tyson Fury bisexual?

Fury is devoutly Christian and there’s no evidence that he is bisexual. Now, we know what you’re thinking…claiming the lord publicly has been a cover for many who are gay or swing both ways, but in this case, there’s just no concrete evidence that Fury is even remotely attracted to men. Sure, he likes to smash them, but in a completely different way than you’re thinking.

Tyson Fury dating history

Unlike many other sports stars such as boxing legend Mike Tyson, Fury doesn’t have a colorful dating history. He’s been married to his wife, Paris Fury, since 2009. The couple has six children.

So, is Tyson Fury gay or not?

If we were ever sure a celeb was not gay, it’s Tyson Fury. As far as the evidence goes, he’s straight and in a loving, committed, heterosexual marriage.

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Is LeBron James Gay?

Is LeBron James gay?  It’s a question on the minds of many basketball fans, and comments by LeBron that have been largely misunderstood are behind much of the online speculation.

We’re going to delve in LeBron’s sexuality, dating history, and more to find out if he’s gay or not.

LeBron James says he is gay – For himself

In 2013, LeBron caused quite a stir when he publicly came out as gay on the same day as Jason Collins. NBA star Kevin Durant publicly supported Collins immediately, and LeBron soon made his own statement.

Responding to Collins’ announcement just minutes before, LeBron said ‘‘I am gay too, and clearly far more important than this other guy. I am super gay, for myself.”

The basketball superstar is known for being ‘into himself’ and having a massive ego.

In case there was any confusion about it, LeBron clarified that he’s “not into other dudes.” The only dude he’s into is himself.

Is LeBron James bisexual?

There’s no actual evidence backing up that LeBron is bisexual. Like fellow basketball player Dennis Rodman, there’s been rampant speculation about his sexuality online, but when pressed for evidence to back up the rumors, those promoting them fall silent. 

While there may be some evidence to the rumors about Rodman, there’s none to even hint at the idea that LeBron swings both ways other than some misunderstood comments he once made.

LeBron James dating history – All his girlfriends’ revealed

LeBron has been linked to seven women publicly over the years. They are Hencha Voigt, Sharon Reed, Adrienne Houghton, Meagan Good, Amber Rose, Carmen Ortega, and LeBron’s current wife Savannah Brinson James. LeBron has three children with Savannah.

So, is LeBron James gay or not?

We have to conclude that LeBron is straight. We always base our articles on evidence rather than speculation, and there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that LeBron James is gay, except, in his own words, for himself.

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Is Dennis Rodman gay?

There’s no doubt that Dennis Rodman is a flamboyant individual. From dressing and dyeing his hair colorfully to claiming he broke his d*ck when he fell during a basketball game, to striking up a friendship with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung-Un, there’s no doubt that Rodman knows how to grab the limelight.

But is Dennis Rodman gay? That’s all we’re interested in here at Let’s find out, then.

Dennis Rodman visits gay clubs – is ‘inspired’ by them

Rodman has spoken openly about some of the lows in his life and how going to gay clubs helped him. He says that he noticed gay people and drag queens are some of the happiest people on earth and “they’re not ashamed of sh*t.”

Rodman credits these visits and the friendships he struck up with helping him be more comfortable with himself and even for helping him keep suicidal thoughts at bay.

Visiting gay clubs does not make someone gay. James Bond star Daniel Craig has said they’re the only kid he visits, and he’s straight. However, being seen in them can certainly start the internet rumor mill churning.

Rodman outspoken about sexuality before it was cool

Back in the day (we’re talking 1990s here), Dennis Rodman wasn’t afraid to talk about sexuality even though many were. He talked openly on Oprah and other shows about it. 

In a famous interview with Oprah, Rodman refuses to be pinned down on his sexuality, saying he’s not gay and he’s not bisexual. It just shows how far things have come along in recent decades, with people less keen these days to put others in boxes and allowing them to define themselves. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a lot better than it was when Rodman was in his prime.

Is Dennis Rodman bisexual?

Rodman denied being bisexual on the Oprah Winfrey show back in the early ‘90s. However, he has said he likes to bring out his feminine side and that he also has experimented with men, although he emphasized “that depends what you mean by experimenting.”

It’s pretty clear that Rodman refuses to tick the boxes people want him to. He won’t give a straight answer on his sexuality, has been seen cross-dressing plenty of times, and just generally seems to relish in leaving questions about his sexuality open to interpretation.

Dennis Rodman dating history – All the basketball stars’ relationships

Like his fellow basketball superstar LeBron James, Rodman has dated some of the most famous models and actresses of his time. He’s been linked publicly to Madonna, Vivica Fox, Carmen Electra, and Jennie Buss, among others. He’s never been publicly linked to a man.

So, is Dennis Rodman gay or not?

He said outright in his autobiography that he isn’t gay, and told Oprah he isn’t bisexual, yet he said he has experimented with men, and also has dated plenty of beautiful women. This one shall remain a mystery, but it’s clear that Rodman doesn’t even believe in labels let alone apply them.

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Is Lewis Hamilton gay? His sexuality revealed inside!

Lewis Hamilton may be the best Formula 1 driver in history, but is he gay? That’s the only topic we’re interested in here at, and we’re going to answer it comprehensively in today’s post.

So, is Lewis Hamilton gay? Let’s dig in and find out.

Lewis Hamilton’s killer dress sense

Is Lewis Hamilton gay? One reason people think so is his killer dress sense. We think it's highly unlikely given his relationship history.
Image source:

Every single time a handsome celeb dresses well and wears accessories like earrings, the internet lights up with questions about his sexuality. Clearly, guys are expected to be bearded, scruffy, and disheveled if they’re to avoid questions about whether or not they’re gay.

There’s no doubt that Lewis Hamilton has a killer dress sense and is a little flamboyant. He likes expensive watches, designer clothes, and the fine things in life. Then again, so would you if you had his wallet. Like American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, much of the speculation about Hamilton being gay is simply because he dresses well. Seriously, this stereotype has got to stop.

Lewis Hamilton is an LGBTQ+ ally

Hamilton is also an outspoken advocate of LGBTQ+ rights. In 2020 he wore a rainbow helmet inscribed with the words ‘Still We Rise’ (from a poem by Maya Angelou) to show support for LGBTQ+ rights. He even wore it in Saudi Arabia, a place known for its brutal laws in relation to being gay.

Hamilton has also repeatedly spoken out against prejudice and discrimination within Formula 1 and has called for greater equality and inclusion. Bravo, Lewis!

Is Lewis Hamilton bisexual?

Hamilton is a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. He’s spoken out about how he was “disgusted” when some F1 fans were subjected to racist, homophobic abuse. However, like rumours of bisexuality in many other high-profile male celebs, we couldn’t find anything substantiated in this one.

Lewis Hamilton dating history – Who has the F1 star dated?

Image source:

If there’s anything that points firmly to Lewis Hamilton being straight, it’s his public dating life. The man lives the dream of most straight males, dating supermodel after supermodel as he drives around the world to drive really fast cars.

Hamilton has also briefly dated or hooked up with Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Nicki Minaj, among others. This suggests that Hamilton is squarely in the straight camp.

So, is Lewis Hamilton gay or not?

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that despite being a handsome devil who dresses like he is on a catwalk most of the time, Lewis Hamilton is very much a straight man. There’s simply no evidence that he’s gay, and there’s plenty to say he’s not.

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Is Tom Brady Gay?

Tom Brady is no doubt the most famous football player in the world these days. But is Tom Brady gay? That’s the topic we’re interested in here at, and it’s the question we’re going to answer here today.

Tom Brady is a gentleman to gay people he meets

Tom Brady has a reputation for always being respectful and kind to fellow gay athletes and those he met as a world-famous star. He’s always been respectful, but has stayed well out of the political discussions around queerness. 

Isn’t it refreshing for a sports star to just treat people as people, accept them as they are, and do his job as an athlete without getting involved in the issues of the time? We think so. As long as Brady leads by example, treating everyone with respect, that’s enough for us.

Is Tom Brady bisexual?

The Jets superstar recently said in an interview that he’d been living the bi life. While the internet rumour mill lit up immediately, Brady confirmed that he meant bi-coastal, as in jetting from California to New York, and not bisexual.

As of today, there’s no evidence that Tom Brady is gay. Just as with Iron Mike Tyson and Mark Wahlberg, these rumours have persisted for years, but there’s nothing more than gossip to back them up.

Tom Brady dating history – Who has the NFL legend been with?

Brady has a long history of publicly dating beautiful women, but he has never dated a man. He dated Layla Roberts, Tara Reid, Bridget Moynahan, and several others before his current lady ​​Gisele Bündchen.

So, is Tom Brady gay or not?

It’s clear from all of the evidence that Tom Brady is a straight man. He might like to collide at high speed with other muscle-bound men and roll around a little, but it’s strictly in the realm of sports as far as we are concerned. There’s no truth to the idea that Tom Brady is gay.

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Is Christiano Ronaldo Gay?

Soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo may be one of the most handsome men on the planet. Many have wondered ‘Is Christiano Ronaldo Gay?’, and no doubt, some have hoped so.

So, is he? Let’s find out together by looking through the publicly available evidence.

Why do people suspect Christiano Ronaldo is gay?

Much like American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Ronaldo lands on some people’s gaydar because he pays attention to how he looks in great detail, and he dresses flamboyantly to add extra fuel to the fire.

However, Ronaldo has stated clearly that he is not gay. Right now, he’s dating former Gucci shop assistant Georgina Rodríguez who he has a child with. Now, that doesn’t mean he’s straight, since Michael Barrymore and others have had families, but there’s just no clear evidence that he’s gay, either.

Is Christiano Ronaldo bisexual?

Ronaldo has never been seen or linked to another man in public. There are no credible rumors that he’s ever had a relationship or fling with another guy. There’s no credibility to the rumors that Christiano Ronaldo is bisexual. At this point, we’d have to put the persistence of these rumors down to wishful thinking on behalf of some gay men.

Christiano Ronaldo relationship history

Ronaldo has been linked to so many models, actresses, and beautiful females that it’s difficult to keep track. Before his current long-term relationship with Georgina Rodríguez, he was involved with Irina Shayk for a while. He also has five children in total, keeping the identity of the mother of his eldest son a secret.

So, is Christaino Ronaldo gay? No – he loves women!

Not as far as we can tell. Yes, he does look gay (if you want to play up to stereotypes), but there’s no evidence that he is. Everything about his public and known private life points to Ronaldo being 100% straight. He has a thing for beautiful women, and they clearly have a thing for him, too.

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Is Mike Tyson Gay?

Iron Mike put the fear of god into the heart’s of many men who stood before him in the ring. But has he ever given them anything other than a beating? That’s the topic of today’s post – is Mike Tyson gay?

Mike Tyson – The Undisputed Truth

In his official autobiography, the Undisputed Truth, Mike talks openly about innumerable affairs with women, including models, prostitutes, and just about everything else. He even hints at several group sex scenarios.

However, he never says that he had contact with another man. There’s no story, at least coming out of Mike’s mouth, that would suggest he’s ever been romantically involved with a man in any way.

Is Mike Tyson Bisexual?

This rumor has circulated for years, probably partly because of Tyson’s wild lifestyle in the early days and his fascination with the make form. Once again, the answer appears to be no; it’s just the usual internet rumor mill talk. There’s nothing to suggest Mike Tyson is bisexual.

Mike Tyson Dating History – Quite a Few Ups and Downs

Is Mike Tyson gay? His wife and countless girlfriends would claim otherwise!

Tyson has a wild dating history, as you might expect from the world’s youngest ever heavyweight boxing champion. He earned a lot of money very early on in life, and with that sort of money and athletic ability comes a lot of women.

Tyson was linked to Naomi Campbell, Kola Boof, Lauren Woodland, and lots of other women through the years. He was married to Robin Givens for a year in what was his most tumultuous relationship. These days, Mike is married to Lakiha Spicer, who he says is the love of his life. Unlike fellow boxing superstar Tyson Fury, who has been married to one women all his life, Mike liked to party and fool around a lot.

So, is Mike Tyson Gay or Straight?

No, there’s nothing to suggest that Mike Tyson is gay. His entire dating history is with beautiful women, and while it’s always been wild, it’s clear that Mike Tyson likes women a lot.