Is Blippi Gay?

Is Blippi gay? That’s a question lots of parents have asked after watching the children’s YouTube star that has captured the hearts and minds of their little ones. is always interested in establishing the facts about movie stars, musicians, YouTubers, and other media personalities. We celebrate everyone regardless of their sexuality, so let’s find out what way Stevin W. John aka Blippi swings.

Blippi is no doubt camp

There’s no doubt that Blippi triggers the gaydar of many people the world over. The sheer volume of searches related to Blippi’s sexuality is an indication of just how many people think Blippi might be gay or bisexual.

This is triggered mostly by Blippi’s behavior. Some people struggle to believe a straight man could be so…happy, outgoing, and gentle. Yet, there’s no actual evidence that Blippi is gay.

Does Blippi have a husband?

We’re not quite sure where this rumor got started, but we know that Blippi does not have a husband. That would be provable with a marriage certificate or something similar, and there’s no evidence whatsoever to back that up.

Is Blippi bisexual?

It’s possible that anyone is bisexual, but there’s no evidence to suggest that Blippi is. This is the usual internet rumor that has been started about various YouTubers like Jake Paul and Mr. Beast.

Blippi relationship history

Blippi is a private person, so we don’t know a lot about his relationship history before he became public. That said, we do know that he announced his engagement to Alyssa Ingham in 2015. He announced this on his Instagram and posted photos. 

So, is Blippi gay?

No, Blippi is not gay. Yes, he comes across a little camp, and many have wondered if he might be gay as a result of that. However, when we drilled down and looked at the evidence, we found that he is straight. He’s been in at least one loving, committed relationship with a woman, and there’s absolutely no evidence at all to suggest he’s interested in men.

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Is Andrew Tate Gay?

‘Top G’ Andrew Tate has taken the internet by storm in recent years. His flamboyant, arrogant style and colorful dress code, and his advice to men, have made him infamous.

But is Andrew Tate gay? That’s what we’re interested in here at Let’s find out what way the Top G swings.

A history of homophobic comments

Tate has a long history of making controversial remarks, so it’s probably no surprise that he has used ‘gay’ as a slur multiple times and has also disparaged trans people.

Tate has said, among other things.

  1. “Bodybuilders are gay.”
  2. “The gays and women have taken over.”
  3. “Basketball is gay.”

And lots of other comments on social media in which he used ‘gay’ as some sort of derogatory term denoting weakness or degeneracy.

Like everyone else, Tate is entitled to his opinion and has freedom of speech. Comedians like Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle have landed in hot water due to similar comments. However, it’s clear from what he has chosen to say that he doesn’t view homosexuality in a positive light.

That said, Harley Morenstein has said he thinks Tate is a suppressed homosexual. There’s no evidence to back that up, though.

Is Andrew Tate bisexual?

Tate has never been publicly linked to another man in any way other than either by fighting them or talking to them on various podcasts. He keeps a tight-knit crew of his boys, but there’s no evidence he is or has ever been romantically involved with any of them.

Andrew Tate dating history

The self-proclaimed Top G says he has a harem of long-term women (or he has said this at one point in time, at least). We don’t know who these women are, but we can see who he’s been linked to previously. Tate has dated Naghel Georgiana Manuela. There’s no real public information about any of his other love interests past or present.

So, is Andrew Tate gay?

We’re going to say no. Many people speculate that he is because of his incessant need to brag about how many women he has and his conquests, but that’s more likely down to immaturity and a need for validation than any suppressed homosexuality. We always like to base our posts on evidence, and there’s none that Tate likes men. As far as we can tell, Tate is straight.


Is Mr Beast Gay?

Mr Beast is one of the most famous and richest YouTubers of all time. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he’s come a long way from humble beginnings.

But is Mr Beast gay? What’s his sexuality? Those are the questions we’re interested in here on

A history of homophobic comments

Almost everyone has said something inappropriate in their past, and when they get famous, you can bet it’s going to come to light.

Since Mr. Beast is one of the most famous YouTubers on the planet, it’s little wonder that The Atlantic reported he had a history of offensive jokes and slurs.

According to the report, MrBeast has a history of calling people a “fag” on Twitter and uses the word “gay” as a negative slur. For example, he has said things like “Windows is gay” to put down the program.

MrBeast does sometimes joke about being gay, much like infamous rapper Tyler, the Creator. However, he has also clarified directly that he is not gay in a Tweet, so we’re going to take that at face value.

Is Mr Beast bisexual?

There’s no evidence to support the notion that MrBeast is bisexual. He’s only ever dated women, and while he has made the odd joke about being gay, it doesn’t seem to be anything other than a joke. These are typical internet rumors without any basis in fact once you dig into them.. These rumors have also started about other YouTuber’s like Mr. Beast.

MrBeast dating history

Mr Beast hasn’t had a very long public dating life. That’s little wonder; he’s only in his young 20s. We know he dated Maddy Spidell and he’s rumored to be in a relationship with Thea Booysen.

So, is MrBeast Gay?

No, there’s nothing to suggest that Mr. Beast is gay. As far as we know, he’s absolutely straight. All of the evidence about him in public suggests he’s straight, and he may even be slightly homophobic. Like his fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, he has made a few comments taken out of context that has caused other to think he might be gay, and that’s all there is to it.


Is Jake Paul Gay?

To say that Jake Paul is a rising star would be an understatement. The YouTuber turned pro boxer is among the most famous, and most handsome, men in the world right now.

But is Jake Paul gay? We’re going to explore that question in detail in this post. Enjoy.

Jake Paul wants to go butt to butt with Tyron Woodley

Some of the speculation about Paul’s sexuality comes from comments he made in a face-to-face interview with his opponent Tyron Woodley.

During the interview, Paul made comments about Woodley’s “big booty” and said that other than going face to face, he wanted to “go butt to butt.”

Of course, the internet lit up with speculation about Paul’s sexuality. However, it looks like these comments were nothing more than mind games and that Paul was just trying to get inside Woodley’s head.

It might have worked, too, because he beat him twice.

Is Jake Paul bisexual?

As far as we can tell, Jake Paul is not bisexual. Why do we say that? Because there’s just no evidence that he is.

As with many rumors about celebs and their sexuality, it’s all based on speculation and video clips or comments taken out of context. This also happened to Mr. Beast.

As Jake Paul’s dating history shows (below), there’s no reason to think he’s gay or bisexual.

Jake Paul dating history

In determining a celebrity’s sexuality, it can be useful to look at their dating history. Jake Paul has only ever dated women publicly. He’s dated Mia Francis, Jules LeBlanc, Saxon Sahrbino, Alissa Violet, Tessa Brooks, Erika Costell, and Julia Rose. He was also married to Tana Mongeau for a while.

So, is Jake Paul gay?

No, there’s no evidence to suggest that Jake Paul is gay. He’s only ever dated women, and any comments he may have made about Tyron Woodley’s booty were mere mind games in the run-up to a fight he ultimately won. As far as we can tell, Jake Paul is definitely straight.