Is Ariana Grande Gay?

Ariana Grande has legions of both male and female fans across the world; and there’s no doubt she’s easy on the eye!

Is Ariana Grande gay? Is there any truth to the rumors? Let’s find out in our latest post.

Ariana Grande lesbian rumors – Is there any truth to them?

Ariana Grande has been dubbed both the “gay icon of a generation” and the “gay icon nobody asked for.” So, is she gay herself, and if not, how did she become a gay icon like legendary English singer Elton John?

The reason Grande has been labeled annicon is her relentless, outspoken, and unapologetic support for the LGBTQ+ community. She has never been shy about voicing her support, and she’s a true ally.

As for her own sexuality, she has said that she doesn’t want to label it. She has repeatedly said she doesn’t believe in such labels and conformity. Make of that what you will.

Is Ariana Grande Bisexual?

As we said previously, it’s impossible to put labels on this singer because she won’t conform to them. However, there’s a hint that Ariana may swing both ways in the song Monopoly which she released with her friend Victoria Monét. On it, she spits the line ”I like women and men (yeah).” That’s not an out and out admission, but it’s pretty close to it.

Ariana Grande Dating History

As far as dating goes, it’s all men for Ariana, at least publicly. She has dated Graham Phillips, Jai Brooks, Nathan Sykes, Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, and she married Dalton Gomez.

So, Is Ariana Grande Gay?

No, she’s not gay. She might have some tendencies, and there are some hints of that, but she won’t put traditional labels on herself and she is married to a handsome chap. All of that points to the fact that she’s straight and possibly bisexual, but not gay. 

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