Is Avan Jogia Gay?

Actor Avan Jogia is a heartthrob who has legions of fans (both men and women) across the world. All of them secretly hope he’s their same sexuality so they have a chance, even if that’s only just a fantasy.

Is Avan Jogia gay? We’re going to look at what the facts show in this post.

Avan Jogia doesn’t like applying labels to his sexuality

Is Avan Jogia gay? some people think so.

This is a growing trend among celebs, and we like it. It doesn’t answer the question for invasive press who seem to always want to ask it, and it leaves the question open. We’ve always said it, and we’ll say it again: unless someone wants to discuss the matter, it’s nobodys’ business.

Jogia has said that he doesn’t like applying labels to his sexuality. He called any attempt to box him in ‘slap dash.’ He plays a sexually fluid character on TV and confounded a charity called Straight But Not Narrow to teach straight people to stand up for their LGBTQ+ friends.

Clearly, at the very least, Jogia views sexuality as a spectrum and not a black or white issue. Perhaps like Demi Lovato he’s pansexual? We wouldn’t want to violate his dislike for labels by applying that one, but it is interesting to speculate.

Is Avan Jogia bisexual?

Jogia has never explicitly stated his sexuality. He plays a sexuality fluid character in Now Apocalypse, prompting lots of rumors and speculation, but his only public comments about the matter are that he doesn’t feel comfortable with labels. Make of that what you will.

Avan Jogia dating history

What can we tell about Avan Jogia’s sexuality by looking at his dating history? He’s hooked up with Miley Cyrus and has had relationships with Zoey Deutch and Cleopatra Coleman. These are all beautiful women, so at least publicly, Jogia is only dating the opposite sex.

So, is Avan Jogia gay?

It’s unlikely that he’s gay given who he has dated. However, he may be bisexual, or it may just be a lot more complicated than that altogether. Who knows, and until he’s comfortable saying it for himself, we’re happy to leave it a mystery.

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