Is Demi Lovato Gay?

There are some celebs who we cover on this site who have what we call a ‘complex’ sexuality. What does that mean? It means it isn’t as cut and dry as gay/straight. Demi Lovato is one of them.

Is Demi Lovato gay? Sometimes. What the heck does that mean? Read on to find out.

Demi Lovato Identifies as Pansexual

There are a few celebs we’ve covered on this site that identify as ‘pansexual.’ English model Cara Delevigne is one of them. To be honest, we weren’t entirely familiar with the term when we first heard of it, but we have a better understanding of it now.

Pansexuality is when someone’s sexuality is broad and fluid. The literal dictionary definition is ‘not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.’ In other words, pansexuals like a bit of everything.

Demi Lovato came out as pansexual during an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan in 2021. She said her sexuality is fluid, and she also said she was “too gay to marry a man right now” in related interviews.

Like all gender identities, sexualities, and related concepts, it will probably take the public a while to wrap their heads around concepts like pensexuality. With leading celebs like Lovato championing the cause, people will hopefully come to understand it sooner rather than later.

Is Demi Lovato Bisexual?

You could say that, although she prefers the term pansexual. Lovato has called herself gay in some interviews, although pansexual means she isn’t limited by biological sex, gender identity, or any other factor. We think this qualifies as more than bisexual even if she might disagree with that label.

Demi Lovato Dating History

Lovato has publicly dated both men and women. She’s been in relationships with Jonathan Fryer, Cody Linley, Alex DeLeon, Trace Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama, Jai Manselle, Ruby Rose, Luke Rockhold, Kehlani, Henry Alexander Levy, Austin Wilson, Max Ehrich, and Jutes.

So, is Demi Lovato Gay?

It’s a bit more complicated than that. Lovato has a fluid sexuality which means she is gay sometimes, straight sometimes, and bisexual sometimes, or all of these at once. Yup, that’s what she says, and since it’s her sexuality we’re talking about, we think she’d know best.