Is Drake Gay?

Is Drake Gay? It’s a question a lot of people have been asking since he came out as a lesbian recently. 

Yes, you read that correctly; the world’s top rapper right now has publicly stated he’s a lesbian. But is he gay or trans, or is he just trolling? Let’s see.

Drake comes out of the closet…as a lesbian

On his album Certified Lover Boy, Drake said he was a lesbian. On the song Girls Like Girls, he rapped “Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too / Ayy, girls want girls where I’m from / Wait, woah, yeah, girls want girls.”

This was taken with a mix of sincere celebration by the trans community and piss-taking laughter by others. The general consensus is that Drake is just playing, expressing his desire for women in a less-than-appropriate way to generate media attention and grab some headlines.

Like fellow rapper Tyler, the Creator, Drake seems to have figured out that making controversial statements about sexuality can generate headlines, which in turn generates album sales. 

Is Drake bisexual?

Drake did once say on Twitter that he swings both ways, but he hasn’t said anything more about his sexuality publicly since. It’s difficult to say if he’s playing, but there’s nothing about the Tweet to suggest he is. 

“This whole rap sh** been crazy, and I wouldn’t have this lifestyle if it weren’t for my fans. You guys are my family and you deserve to know I don’t swing just one way, if you understand you understand if you don’t figure it out.”

Drake dating history – Who has the rap superstar dated?

Is Drake gay? Rihanna knows better - she came back for more!

All of Drake’s public relationships and hookups have been with women, and beautiful ones at that. He’s dated a huge number of women, including Rihanna, Serena Williams, Julia Fox, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Nicole Scherzinger, and Hayley Karrina. Oh, and that’s the short version of the list!

Is Drake gay or not? Nah – it’s just a rumor!

It doesn’t appear that Drake is gay, but he may well be bisexual. While all of his hookups and relationships have been with women, he has made comments that suggest he swings both ways. We’re not at all sure about the lesbian thing, though. Perhaps we’ll someday get a chance to ask him.

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