Is Emma Watson Gay? Is she a lesbian?

Emma Watson is hot – there’s no doubt about that! All across the globe, men and women dream about her, but her own sexuality has been a point of discussion for some time now.

Is Emma Watson gay? We’re going to find out in this article. Let’s see what the evidence suggests.

Emma Watson identifies as ‘self partnered’

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In the modern world, labels and the traditional definitions of sexuality are being broken down fast, and that’s a good thing for the most part.

Rather than saying she’s ‘single’ Emma Watson identifies as ‘self partnered.’ She said as late as 2000 that she’s not interested in meeting or dating anyone for now.

Watson is an LGBTQ+ ally

Emma Watson has made several public statements in support of LGBTQ+ people. She said that trans people “deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned” – a sentiment we agree wholeheartedly with!

She also regularly Tweets and make social media posts in support of LGBTQ+ causes. She’s an ally, but that doesn’t mean she’s gay herself.

Is Emma Watson bisexual?

There’s no reason to think Emma Watson is bisexual. Lots of women who support LGBTQ+ causes get labelled as bisexual or a lesbian (see Ariana Grande), but that doesn’t mean they are. There’s no evidence that Emma Watson is anything other than straight.

Emma Watson dating history – Who has the Harry Potter star dated?

A look at someone’s dating history can tell you a lot about their sexuality. Emma Watson has only publicly dated men. Her ex boyfriends include Tom Ducker, Angus Willoughby, Francis Boulle, Jay Barrymore, George Craig, Johnny Simmons, Matthew Janney, Prince Harry, Roberto Aguire, Chord Overstreet, Brendan Wallace, Cole Cook, Tom Felton, and Leo Robinton.

So, is Emma Watson gay?

There’s no evidence at all to support the notion that Emma Watson is gay. It’s yet more internet speculation with nothing at all to back it up. In the end, her relationship history and public life shows that Emma Watson is straight.