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Is Jamie Foxx Gay? Why Does Howard Stern Say So?

There have been persistent rumors about Jamie Foxx’s sexuality, including claims by Howard Stern that he has evidence that he’s gay.

In this article, we’ll dig into the source of these rumors, some of the alleged evidence, and we’ll answer the question ‘is Jamie Foxx gay?’

Howard Stern claims he has evidence

Stern isn’t known to be shy about saying controversial things, and while he has never said directly that Jamie Foxx is gay, he has said some stuff that hints he may know something. It’s clear that the pair had a falling out of sorts even though they used to be friends. Stern went on a verbal attack against the star, hinting that he knows some secrets about him. He directly called him gay at one point.

However, Foxx publicly denied it. He said:

“And then he called me gay. First of all, lets get this straight. I’m not gay! … That doesn’t bother me, because a lot people say that I’m gay or whatever, and that doesn’t bother me. I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I’m secure with myself. And I’m not going to take that Coward Stern.”

Yikes, clearly there’s no love lost between these two former friends, but it does suggest that Stern is talking out his backside and having a go at Jamie Foxx. Why would a super celeb deny he’s gay in this day and age? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Stern says he has evidence, but so far, he hasn’t come forward with it. This seems like more of a vicious attack than anything substantiated.

However, Katt Williams has also said Foxx is gay, and even went as far as to name his boyfriend. Again, Foxx denies it, so it’s word against word at this point.

Hint: No, the named BF is not Ed Sheeran. The young musical superstar slept on Foxx’s couch for a few months back when he was trying to make it, but there’s no evidence that anything more happened.

Is Jamie Foxx bisexual?

Jamie Foxx has never publicly dated a man, and has never said he is bisexual. Furthermore, he has publicly denied being gay. As you’ll see in the next section, his entire public dating life suggests he’s straight. We’re well aware that doesn’t mean he doesn’t swing both ways privately, but we like to base our assertions on evidence at, and there’s none to say Jamie Foxx is bi.

Jamie Foxx relationship history – Who has he dated?

Foxx has been publicly linked to Vivica Fox, Adriane Kelly, Meagan Good, Eva Marcille, Stacy Keibler, Sky Nellor, Stacey Dash, Katie Holmes (also linked to Tom Cruise), Sela Vave, and Natalie Friedman.

Here’s a more detailed overview of Jamie Foxx’ relationship history.

Navigating the Spotlight

As a high-profile celebrity, Jamie Foxx’s dating life has not been immune to the glare of the spotlight. Over the years, he has been romantically linked to several actresses, singers, and models. While he has been known to keep his personal life private, some of his relationships have garnered significant public attention.

Key Relationships in Jamie Foxx’s Love Life

Jamie Foxx’s love life has featured a few high-profile relationships and connections, including:

Connie Kline: Connie Kline, a retired Air Force veteran, is the mother of Jamie Foxx’s first daughter, Corinne Foxx, born in 1994. Although the couple never married, they have maintained a co-parenting relationship, and Foxx has been supportive of both Connie and Corinne throughout the years.

Kristin Grannis: Foxx’s second daughter, Annalise Bishop, was born in 2009 to Kristin Grannis. Similar to his relationship with Connie Kline, Foxx and Grannis have never been married but have maintained a strong co-parenting relationship and continue to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.

Katie Holmes: One of the most publicized relationships in Foxx’s dating history is his romance with actress Katie Holmes. The couple was first linked in 2013, and their relationship was kept relatively private until they were photographed holding hands in 2017. The pair reportedly dated for about six years before calling it quits in 2019.

Sela Vave: In 2019, after his split from Katie Holmes, Foxx was linked to singer and model Sela Vave. However, Foxx quickly dismissed the rumors, stating that he was simply mentoring Vave in her music career.

Maintaining Privacy Amidst the Rumors

Throughout his time in the public eye, Jamie Foxx has demonstrated a strong desire to remain private with regards to his personal life. Despite being linked to several high-profile relationships, he has often chosen to keep his romantic life out of the limelight.

Jamie Foxx and LGBTQ+ issues

Foxx has shown support for LGBTQ+ rights and issues on various occasions. One notable instance occurred in 2012 when he joined the “Americans for Marriage Equality” campaign, which was led by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). As part of the campaign, Foxx appeared in a video expressing his support for same-sex marriage.

In the video, he said, “As an African American man, I can tell you that our civil rights are wrapped up in the rights of all Americans. I believe that everyone has the right to love who they choose and be who they are. It’s time for marriage equality.”

Furthermore, Foxx has appeared in films and television shows that include LGBTQ+ characters and themes, such as his role in the 2006 film “Dreamgirls.” He has also been vocal about opposing hate crimes and supporting equal rights for all people.

Although Jamie Foxx might not be the most visible advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, his actions and statements show that he does support the community and is in favor of equal rights for everyone.

So, is Jamie Foxx gay? We don’t think so!

There are rumors and public pronouncements from multiple people who have known Foxx. However, he himself has denied it, and we’re willing to accept that at face value. There’s no evidence that Jamie Foxx is gay.

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