Is Jared Leto Gay?

Jared Leto is without a doubt one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His piercing blue eyes have both men and women across the globe skipping a heartbeat when they see him on the silver screen.

But is Jared Leto gay or is he 100% straight? We’ll discover what the known facts tell us in this post.

Playing the Gay Role Always Brings Rumors

Jared Leto has never shied away from any role, and he has played gay men in his movies more than once. For example, he played Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and he’s set to play Andy Warhol in an upcoming movie.

When actors play gay roles, there’s always a flurry of speculation about their sexuality. Take a look at our post on British comedian and actor James Corden for another example. He was at the center of rumors about his sexuality for playing a gay man on the silver screen.

During an interview once, Leto said he is “gay as a goose.” However, it’s not the first time an A-List celeb has made statements such as this without actually meaning it. Rap superstar Tyler, the Creator has made similar statements, leaving reporters bemused as to their true sexuality.

Is Jared Leto Bisexual?

It’s always possible, but we have no reason to actually go a step further and say Leto is bisexual. As we’ll cover in the next section, he’s only ever been seen publicly with beautiful women.

Yes, we’re fully aware that doesn’t confirm anything, and plenty of bisexual celebs choose to keep it private. That said, before we actually say someone is bisexual, we need evidence to base it on. Apart from a few off-the-cuff comments, there’s nothing as far as Leto is concerned. He’s a bit like James Franco in this regard – there’s lots of rumors, a few suggestive comments, but nothing concrete to go on.

Jared Leto Dating History

One way to figure out a celeb’s sexuality is to look at their public dating life. Leto has dated Kristi McDaniel, Scarlett Johansen, Valery Kaufman, and Cameron Diaz, who he was engaged to briefly. None of these would suggest he’s anything other than straight.

So, what’s Jared Leto’s sexuality?

No, not as far as we can tell from the publicly available evidence. Leto is one of those guys who isn’t afraid to say controversial things and isn’t afraid to play gay, bisexual, or trans roles, leading many to gossip and speculate about his sexuality. However, when push comes to shove, there’s nothing to suggest he really is.

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