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Is Joe Rogan Gay?

The Joe Rogan Experience hit the internet like a freight train a few years back after building up momentum for nearly a decade. Rogan talks to everyone, gay, straight, bisexual, and in fields from politics to drug policy to UFOs.

However, over the years, some have started speculating on the question ‘Is Joe Rogan gay?’ We weren’t entirely sure why anyone would think so, but being the curious journalists we are at, we decided to dig in and see what we could find out.

Rogan has a history of mixed comments re LGBTQ+ issues

Joe Rogan is somewhat of a bogeyman in the LGBTQ+ community these days. However, when you look back at the history of his entire podcast, he has made a variety of mixed comments over the years. It’s also important to note that Rogan is a comedian and context is somewhat important when analyzing what he has said and done.

Rogan came out strong in support of same-sex marriage when it eas legalized and has defended it many times since. He publicly calls gay men and women his friends and is always welcoming to them on his podcast. However, he has also hosted some of the world’s most rampant homophobes (like Alex Jones) and also calls them friends. 

However, he has made plenty of comments that could be interpreted as transphobic, too. His main concern seems to be centered on ‘biological men’ fighting ‘biological women’ in professional mixed martial arts bouts.

We’re not going to comment on that particular issue in this article. We’ll just say that Rogan has proven less than open minded on the trans issue and is digging in and holding his position despite massive backlash and pressure.

Is Joe Rogan bisexual?

There’s no evidence at all that Joe Rogan is bisexual. We don’t really know where these rumors get started, but we assume this one started somewhere on the internet. Like the rumors about fellow comedians Dave Chapelle and Jimmy Kimmel, there’s no truth to this one.

Joe Rogan dating history

Joe Rogan has been married to Jessica Schimmel since 2009. Before that he dated Ali Macofsky, Rachelle Leah, Jerri Manthey, and Zakana Zee.

So, is Joe Rogan gay?

No, there’s absolutely no truth to the rumors that Joe Rogan is gay. While you can never rule it out, and plenty if seemingly straight men come out as gay later in life, we think it’s a safe bet to say Joe Rogan is straight.