Is Kevin Spacey Gay?

By now, just about everybody knows that Kevin Spacey is gay. He’s been open about it for over half a decade now. However, Spacey’s life took a dark turn several years back when he was accused of sexual assault by an underage boy.

Let’s look into Kevin Spacey’s sexuality and the fall of a man who was once fiercely private and is today a pariah accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

When did Kevin Spacey come out of the closet?

Spacey was renowned for keeping his private life absolutely secret. When he was at his peak as an actor, nobody knew anything about him, and he kept it that way intentionally, saying he wanted the audience to see him as the character and not to come to his movies with any ideas about him as a person.

However, after years of speculation and rumor, Spacey came out as gay in 2017 when he was accused of sexual assault. Naturally, it’s never nice for anyone’s privacy to be violated, but under the circumstances, he felt he had no choice.

Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations

Spacey was accused of sexual assault by Anthony Rapp when the actor was only 14 years old. Yes, this is the same actor Will Smith refused to kiss on set once.

Spacey responded on Twitter, saying that he has had many relationships with boy men and women over the years, but that he has chosen to live as a gay man. So, is Kevin Spacey bisexual? It would appear so, but he has chosen one path and is sticking to it.

Spacey did not admit to the allegations, saying he did not remember as the incident would have been over 30 years ago and he was drunk at the time.

Kevin Spacey Dating History – Has the Actor Dated Men?

Little is known about Kevin Spacey’s dating life. As we said previously, the House of Cards actor was fiercely protective of his privacy and was very rarely seen in the public eye. He had been acused of ‘cruising’ in public parks, but the rumors never amounted to anything more than tabloid speculation. While Spacey claims to have had “many romantic encounters” with both men and women, he also has chosen to keep them private

So, Is Kevin Spacey Gay? Yes, Absolutely!

Yes, Kevin Spacey is gay for sure. He appears to be bisexual by his own admission, but has chosen to live as a gay man, also by his own admission.

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