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Is Kim Kardashian a lesbian?

Is Kim Kardashian a lesbian? Despite her high-profile relationship with Kanye West (Ye), many people suspect so. There’s lots of interest in her sexuality online, and we’re going to do the work to figure it out in this post.

We’ll look at Kim Kardashian’s relationship history, public comments, and other evidence to see if there’s any truth to the Kim K lesbian rumors.

Kim Kardashian is a gay icon and LGBTQ+ ally

Take a look at this post on Ariana Grande, and countless others on, and you’ll begin to notice a pattern: celebs who support LGBTQ+ rights loudly end up being labeled gay or bisexual themselves. It seems that as soon as a person becomes vocal about their support for gay rights, the rumor mill begins speculating.

Kim K is one of the worlds’ biggest LGBTQ+ allies. She has spoken out countless times in favor of same-sex marriage and has fought back against comments various people have made either mocking or dismissing gay people, gay rights, and more. Here’s a full list of the times she stood up as an ally by Attitude Magazine.

Is Kim Kardashian bisexual?

We found nothing to suggest Kim K is bisexual. She has never been romantically linked to a woman, has never hooked up with any, and has never hinted or indicated that she’s interested in anything other than men.

Kim Kardashian dating history

Is Kim Kardashian a lesbian? Her dating history says no!

Kim Kardashian’s relationship history indicates that she is only interested in men. She has been in relationships with TJ Jackson, Joey Lawrence, Ray J, Nick Cannon, Marques Houston, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, and Pete Davidson.

Kim has also been married several times. Her ex-husbands include Damon Thomas, Kris Humphries, and Kanye West (Ye).

So, is Kim Kardashian a lesbian?

No, Kim Kardashian is straight. She is an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community, but she’s not gay herself. Everything about her relationship history and public comments prove she is straight. The gay rumors are nothing but that: rumors with not a shred of evidence to back them up.