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Is Luke Macfarlane Gay?

Luke Macfarlane is best known for playing a gay character called Scotty Wandell on the TV show Brothers & Sisters.

But is Luke Macfarlane gay in real life? We put on our investigative caps to find out.

Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell

Scotty Wandell, Macfarlane’s character in Brothers & Sisters is…very gay. He has an ongoing relationship with another fictional character called Kevin Walker.

Wandell moved to California because his parents couldn’t accept him as gay, so the character accurately portrays some of the problems gay men face in the world even today.

Like fellow Hollywood superstar James Franco, many have wondered how it is possible for Macfarlane to play a gay man for so many years without being gay himself? Well, the answer is quite simple – he’s gay himself.

Note: A great movie depicting LGBTQ+ issues is Joe Bell starring Mark Wahlberg. It’s well worth a watch.

Luke Macfarlane comes out as gay in 2008

Luke Macfarlane had been the subject of many rumors leading up to his coming out as gay. Of course, playing a gay man so well had led many to suspect as much, and dressing well also fed the rumor mill, but Macfarlane didn’t publicly come out until 2008 when he did so during an interview with The Globe and Mail.

While this was the first time he had spoken publicly about his sexuality, his parents, family, and friends had known for a long time. That Macfarlane was gay was no secret to his loved ones.

Is Luke Macfarlane bisexual?

Macfarlane has never publicly dated a woman. He has never hinted that he might be bisexual. He has come out as a gay man and his public relationships have been with men. There’s no reason to believe Macfarlane is bisexual.

Luke Macfarlane dating history

Like fellow gay man Kevin Spacey, Macfarlane has kept his private life under wraps and out of the public eye for most of his career. However, he has been linked to Chad Slivenski and Charlie David, and he has formally dated both T.R. Knight and Wentworth Miller.

So, is Luke Macfarlane gay?

Yes, Macfarlane is somewhat of a gay icon. He not only played a gay character masterfully, but publicly confirmed he is gay in 2008.

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