Is Matt Rife Gay?

American comedian Matt Rife has had his sexuality questioned for years. So, we decided to look into and find out if there’s anything to the gay rumors.

Is Matt Rife gay? Is he straight? Does he swing both ways? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this review.

Rife has joked about gay issues a few times

Is Matt Rife gay? There's no evidence to say so

We always try to figure out where a celeb stands on LGBTQ+ rights. It’s hard to say with Matt Rife, but he’s probably fairly neutral on the issue.

Rife once Tweeted that “not everything needs to be gay” when his Uber car was rainbow colored. He said he didn’t care where people stood on that issue.

He also Tweeted “if you don’t like gay people you’re probably out of shape.”

There are some old Tweets that people dug up and said were homophobic, but Rife is a comedian, and it’s always hard to tell what’s satire and what’s real. The same is true with other comedians like Joe Rogan.

Is Matt Rife bisexual?

The rumors about Rife swinging both ways mostly come from his suggestive Instagram photos. The guy likes to pose with his shirt off, but honestly, that says nothing at all about his sexuality.

Matt Rife dating history

We’ve noticed something about comedians – their dating lives are very simple and uncomplicated compared to actors and musicians. We assume that’s because they’re funny and so women actually like them and stay with them for longer.

Rife has only been publicly linked to one woman – Kate Beckinsale. They had a relationship in 2017 that didn’t last too long. We don’t know who he’s dating currently, but there’s no reason to believe he’s gay just because he’s not romantically involved.

So, is Matt Rife gay?

No, we don’t see any reason at all to believe Matt Rife is gay or bi. He is private about his life and is still very young. Perhaps in the future we’ll learn more about his sexuality, but for now, we’re going with the notion he’s straight.