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Is Mike Tyson Gay?

Iron Mike put the fear of god into the heart’s of many men who stood before him in the ring. But has he ever given them anything other than a beating? That’s the topic of today’s post – is Mike Tyson gay?

Mike Tyson – The Undisputed Truth

In his official autobiography, the Undisputed Truth, Mike talks openly about innumerable affairs with women, including models, prostitutes, and just about everything else. He even hints at several group sex scenarios.

However, he never says that he had contact with another man. There’s no story, at least coming out of Mike’s mouth, that would suggest he’s ever been romantically involved with a man in any way.

Is Mike Tyson Bisexual?

This rumor has circulated for years, probably partly because of Tyson’s wild lifestyle in the early days and his fascination with the make form. Once again, the answer appears to be no; it’s just the usual internet rumor mill talk. There’s nothing to suggest Mike Tyson is bisexual.

Mike Tyson Dating History – Quite a Few Ups and Downs

Is Mike Tyson gay? His wife and countless girlfriends would claim otherwise!

Tyson has a wild dating history, as you might expect from the world’s youngest ever heavyweight boxing champion. He earned a lot of money very early on in life, and with that sort of money and athletic ability comes a lot of women.

Tyson was linked to Naomi Campbell, Kola Boof, Lauren Woodland, and lots of other women through the years. He was married to Robin Givens for a year in what was his most tumultuous relationship. These days, Mike is married to Lakiha Spicer, who he says is the love of his life. Unlike fellow boxing superstar Tyson Fury, who has been married to one women all his life, Mike liked to party and fool around a lot.

In one of the darker chapters of his life, Tyson was convicted of raping an 18-year-old woman, Desiree Washington, in a hotel room in Indianapolis. He was sentenced to six years in prison, but was released after 3 years on parole in 1995. maintains his innocence to this day. Those interested in learning more about this can read Tyson’s point of view in his autobiography ‘The Undisputed Truth.

Here’s a quick play-by-play of the main evens in Iron Mike’s love life to date.

The Robin Givens Saga

Mike Tyson’s first marriage was to actress Robin Givens in 1988. The couple’s relationship was marred by allegations of domestic violence and abuse. In a now-infamous interview with Barbara Walters, Givens described her life with Tyson as “torture, pure hell, worse than anything I could possibly imagine.” The couple divorced in 1989, after just one year of marriage.

A Second Chance with Monica Turner

In 1997, Tyson married Monica Turner, a pediatric resident at Georgetown University Medical Center. The couple had two children together, Rayna and Amir. Despite a relatively low-profile marriage, Tyson and Turner’s relationship was not without its challenges. In 2003, the couple divorced after Turner accused Tyson of adultery.

The Lakiha Spicer Era

Tyson found love again with Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer, whom he married in 2009. The couple has two children together, Milan and Morocco. Tyson has often credited his relationship with Spicer for helping him turn his life around and overcome his struggles with addiction and mental health issues. The couple remains married to this day, and Tyson has expressed his gratitude for the stability and support that Spicer has provided.

Rumored Connections and Flings

Throughout his career, Mike Tyson has been linked to numerous women, including model Naomi Campbell and actress Beverly Johnson. However, many of these rumored connections have never been confirmed and should be taken with a grain of skepticism.

So, is Mike Tyson Gay or Straight?

No, there’s nothing to suggest that Mike Tyson is gay. His entire dating history is with beautiful women, and while it’s always been wild, it’s clear that Mike Tyson likes women a lot.

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