Is Neil Patrick Harris Gay?

Niel Patrick Harris officially came out as gay in 2006. Today, he’s one of the most famous gay men in the world, along with Sir Elton John and a handful of others. The fact has become a gay icon and came out long before many others found the courage.

Let’s look at when Neil Patrick Harris came out, the reaction he got when he did, whether or not he’s bisexual, and his relationship and dating history.

Neil Patrcik Harris comes out as gay


“I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love.” – Niel Patrick Harris, 2006

The How I Met Your Mother star previously dated actress Chirsitne Taylor. So, is Neil Patrick Harris bisexual? No, he has confirmed that he didn’t feel super hot sparks with the Hollywood babe, and in fact, he credits his relationship with her for helping him discover his true sexuality.

Neil Patrick Harris marries David Burtka

After the Marriage Equality Act passed into law in New York in 2011, Harris announced his engagement to David Burtka. They revealed on Twitter that they’d been engaged for five years but had kept it under wraps until same-sex marriage became legal.

The pair got married in Italy in 2014, making the one of the most high-profile gay marriages in the world.

Neil Patrick Harris is a gay icon

Make no mistake about it, Neil Patrick Harris is gay. He’s one of the first celebrities to publicly come out of the closet and wear his gayness with pride. He’s inspired many young men to find the courage to be themselves and today is one of the world’s gay icons.