Is Post Malone Gay?

Is Post Malone gay? It’s a question that causes tens of thousands of people’s gaydar’s ring loudly enough to make them type it into Google.

Today, we’re going to dig in and find out if Post Malone is gay or not. As always, we only use factual, publicly verifiable information when we look into the sexuality of celebs.

Post Malone’s poses

It’s clear that one of the main reasons people think Post Malone might be gay is his body poses. There’s no doubt he’s keen on taking photographs in some rather…feminine positions.

However, this in and of itself does not mean Post Malone is attracted to men. Before drawing any conclusions, we’d need a lot more evidence than a few suggestive photos. Harry Styles also gets the same queries about the way he dresses and poses.

Does Post Malone swing both ways?

Given that he has publicly dated a few women, yet still poses and dresses in ways that lead people to question his sexuality, some have wondered whether Post Malone might swing both ways.

While it’s always possible, once again, there’s no actual evidence to suggest he’s interested in men. As with his fellow rap god Drake, it’s all speculation.

Post Malone Relationship History – Who has the rapped dated?

Right now, Malone is engaged and recently welcomes a daughter into the world. He’s smitten by her, telling several magazines about the love he feels for his baby girl.

Post Malone previously dated Korean female rapper MLMA. He also previously dated Kano Shimpo, Ashlen Diaz, and several other female models and musicians. There’s nothing in his dating history that suggests homosexuality.

For a rapper, Malone’s private life is very….private. Unlike some other hip hop stars, you won’t see him out and about with lots of different women as he tours and visits different places. This has fueled the speculation about his sexuality, but really, it could just mean he’s private and doesn’t like a lot of attention.

In reality, when you look at what we do know about his dating life, Post Malone has only ever been linked to beautiful women, and there’s no real reason to think he’s anything other than a straight man who dresses a little differently.

So, Is Post Malone gay or not?

No, it appears he is straight. While some of his photo poses do indeed cause the gaydar to go off, Post just doesn’t give a f**k and continues to date hot women, fathering a child to his fiance recently. For those who were wishing otherwise, sorry, he’s not gay.

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