Is Sam Milby Gay?

Sam Milby is a man of many talents – acting, singing, playing guitar, and being a successful businessman are just some of the things the Filipino American star can do.

But is Sam Milby gay? That rumor got started a few years back and has stuck around for a while. We’re going to dig into it and find out in this post.

Sam Milby accepted a gay role

As soon as an actor or actress plays a gay role on TV or in the movies, it’s almost inevitable that the internet will light up with queries about weather or not they themselves are gay.

This has happened to Luke MacFarlane, who did turn out to be gay, but it has also happened to British funnyman James Corden, Jared Leto, and lots of others.

Milby played a gay character in ‘The Third Party.’ In an interview about the role, he said “I’m comfortable with my sexuality” and said he wanted to challenge himself as an actor.

Ever since then, Milby has been the subject of gay rumors, but he says he isn’t, and his dating history, which we’ll explore in a later section of this post, suggests he’s telling the truth.

Sam Milby dating history

Milby has dated lots of beautiful women in his life so far. His hookups and relationships include Marie Digby, Shaina Magdayao, Ariella Airda, Jessy Mendiola, Bangs Garcia, Anne Curtis, Piolo Pascual, Kim Chiu, Mari Jasmine, and Catriona Gray.

So, is Sam Milby gay? Is he bisexual?

There’s no reason whatsoever to believe Milby is either gay or bisexual. He played a gay character once, and that’s about it. Everything about his public statements and his relationship history shows very clearly that he’s straight.