Is Shia LaBeouf Gay?

Is Shia LeBeouf gay? Lots of people want to know if the Hollywood hunk is into guys or if he swings both ways. We know because we researched the volume of people searching for this information online, and it’s a lot!

So, is he straight, bi, gay, or pansexual? We’ll look into it in our latest post.

Shia LeBeouf wrestled Tom Hardy naked

When he was interviewed on ‘Hot One,’ LeBeouf recalled how he had wrestled Tom Hardy many times on the set of Lawless in 2012. He said Hardy was a “big f*cking guy,” and recalls how Hardy rushed into his room when he was naked, picked him up, and began wrestling him.

LeBeouf said he was upset about this because Hardy got the better of him and he was left defeated and naked. However, he recalls the memory with fondness, laughing about how terrified his girlfriend at the time was during the whole escapade.

Shia LeBeouf used derogatory gay slurs in a YT video

LaBeouf had to make a public apology after a YoutTube video surfaced of him hurling gay slurs at someone. He said he was “very embarrassed” by his actions and apologized for it.

LaBeouf wouldn’t be the first celeb to do this. Not long ago, rapper Travis Scott was filmed calling someone a “f*ggot” at an event in Texas. He subsequently apologized, too, and said he was not a homophobe.

Is Shia LaBeouf bisexual?

There’s nothing at all to suggest LeBeouf is bisexual. This rumor got started after he said he had wrestled Tom Hardy in the nude, but it’s just internet gossip. As his dating history will reveal, LeBeouf is only into women.

Shia LeBeouf dating history

Is Shia LeBeouf gay? Megan Fox knows better!

LeBeouf has had quite a few encounters and relationships over the years. He’s known to have hooked up with Megan Fox, Isabel Lucas, Kiley Williams, and Rihanna.

His more serious public relationships include Sia, Hilary Duff, China Brezner, Carey Mulligan, Kiely Williams, Karolyn Pho, Sasha Lane, FKA Twigs, Margaret Qualley, and Mia Goth.

So, is Shia LeBeouf gay?

It’s pretty clear that Shia LeBeouf is straight. He has never made any comments incidicating he is gay, has publicly denied it, and has only ever dated and hooked up with beautiful women. There’s zero evidence he’s gay, and until there is, that’s our verdict.

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