Is Travis Scott gay?

Travis Scott is one of the coolest rappers on the planet, and he has legions of both male and female fans who would love to spend some alone time with him. As with many rappers, there have been questions about his sexuality since the early days of his career.

Is Travis Scott gay? Is he straight? Does he go both ways? We’re going to figure all of that out in this post.

Another rapper making homophobic comments

This is becoming a theme throughout our posts. Rappers, like Detorit’s Eminem, have been pulled up repeatedly for making homophobic slurs and using ant-LGBTQ+ language.

While Eminem shrugged it off and said his fans know he’s just joking, Travis Scott issued a formal apology for his own slurs. He said “Never will I ever disrespect that community,” he said.

What had he said that sparked the backlash? Footage emerged of him calling a group of people “a bunch of queers and f*ggots.”

That last word tends to be used a lot by rappers. Perhaps the new generation will do better. Despite the remarks, Scott has come out hard against the notion he is homophobic.

Scott erased a trans icon from his album cover

Scott has also been called transphobic because he removed an image of trans icon Amanda Lepore from his album cover. He has not apologized for this one, but has denied being transphobic.

Is Travis Scott bisexual?

Nothing about Travis’ Scott public comments or dating life suggests he is bisexual. As you’ll see in the next section, it’s all women for the rap superstar.

Travis Scott dating history

Is Travis Scott gay? Kylie Jenner would say no!

Scott has been romantically involved with Flo Milli, Rojean Kar, Rubi Rose, Chantel Jeffries, Rihanna, Justine Skye, and Kylie Jenner. As you can see, his dating life suggests Scott is straight. These are some of the world’s most beautiful women.

So, is Travis Scott gay?

No, he’s clearly not. He has had a string of beautiful ladies on his arm, has two children, and has made comments that suggest he is homophobic, despite his denial of that accusation. There’s no way Travis Scott is gay.

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