Is Tyler Hoechlin gay?

There have been questions about Tyler Hoechlins’ sexuality ever since he starred in Road to Perdition back in the day, and they only grew louder when he starred in 7th Heaven. After the Fifty Shades movies, his sex appeal exploded across the world, leading to lots of questions about his sexuality.

Is Tyler Hoechlin gay or is he straight? We’re going to find out in this investigation.

Good looking guy syndrome

We wrote about this before with Ryan Seacrest and Robert Pattinson. There’s a certain amount of wishful thinking going on when it comes to celebrity gay rumors, especially when the guys concerned are hunky.

When Tyler Hoechlin poses in a pair of speedos for a calendar, men around the world hope he’s gay, and so they start to say he is. However, there’s no actual evidence of that when you dig into it.

We looked at his relationship history, the gay rumors, and much more, and we could find nothing substantial at all to prove Hoechlin is gay.

Is Tyler Hoechlin bisexual?

Does Hoechlin swing both ways? That’s the rumor, but when you look closer for evidence, you’ll find none. Often when the notion a certain hunky celeb is gay fall flat, the bisexual rumors begin right away.

Tyler Hoechlin dating history

Is Tyler Hoechlin gay? His dating life would suggest otherwise!

We can learn a lot about a celebs’ sexuality by who they have dated. Let’s take a look at Tyler Hoechlin’s relationship history.

Hoechlin has dated Ashlee Simpson, Candice King, Mackenzie Rosman, Rachele Brooke Smith, Katie Cassidy, Brittany Snow, Jill Wagner, Alena Gerber, and Renee Murden. These are all beautiful women, suggesting Tyler Hoechlin is straight.

So, is Tyler Hoechlin gay?

No, we found nothing at all to suggest he is. As is often the case, the gay rumors come down to wishful thinking and gossip. Everything about Tyler Hoechlin suggests he is a straight man who loves beautiful women.