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Was Jesus Gay? Maybe

Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God – the literal human manifestation of the creator of the universe. We’re not going to even attempt to answer the question of whether or not that’s true in this post. Instead, we’re going to ask a simpler question – Was Jesus gay?

Fundamentalist Christianity has been one of the main forces against LGBTQ+ rights in recent years, but there are many who would claim that the very man who founded the religion was gay himself. Does this rumor have any teeth? Let’s find out.

Jesus loved his disciple John in a special way

The last words of Jesus Christ before he was taken away to be executed were as follows:

“Woman behold your son!’ Then he said to the disciple. ‘Behold your mother!’ And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.”

The gospels make multiple references to the fact that Jesus loved his disciple John in a special way. It doesn’t elaborate much on what that meant, but it was noteworthy enough for it to be mentioned multiple times, so there must be something there.

Furthermore, in many depictions of the Last Supper, John sits next to Jesus with his head resting on his shoulder. Clearly, there was some special affection between the two.

However, this question is ultimately going to remain the stuff of speculation. There’s absolutely no way to verify whether Jesus was gay since he lived over 2,000 years ago and there’s no credible written evidence about his love life. We know he was unmarried and that he had a special relationship with John, and that’s all there is to it. Like many other historical figures, it’s difficult to determine anything about Jesus’ love life.

What did Jesus say about gay people?

There are many passages in the Bible that condemn homosexuality outright. Some of them even call for violence against gay people. However, Jesus Christ himself doesn’t say anything about it. His final command was that we should love each other as he loved us, but he says nothing whatsoever about sexuality, and virtually nothing is known of his own sexuality.

Of course, some would argue that since Jesus and the Father are one (his own words), then the words of the Father (which condemn homosexuality in the Old Testament) can be taken to be Jesus’ stance on the issue.

We’re not going to comment on that as we’re not biblical scholars. All we can say for sure is Jesus never directly mentioned it in the accepted gospels of the New Testament. So, it can’t have been that important to him. After all, the supposed Son of God came here to teach us, so if homosexuality was high on his list of priorities, we’re sure he would have mentioned it.

Was Jesus Christ bisexual?

Ultimately, we don’t know. There are rumors he had a love relationship with Mary Magdalene, and many biblical scholars are starting to ask questions about the nature of Jesus’ relationship with his disciple John.

Despite all of this, nothing is known about his sexuality. The very concept of sexuality wasn’t well understood in Biblical times. We’re really not sure about Jesus’ sexuality or even if he had those sorts of desires at all.

So, was Jesus gay?

According to Sir Elton John, Jesus was gay. Read this article to find out his views on the matter.

We’re going to say probably not. As with all of our other articles, we never conclude that someone was or is gay unless there’s some actual conclusive evidence to prove so. Until that arises, which we doubt it ever will, we’re going to say the sexuality of Jesus Christ is undetermined.